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Particles and Nuclei, Letters [ISSN 1814-5957] (Print), [ISSN 1814-5973] (Online)

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica" from 2004.

Archive (1984-2018) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Year 2019, issues: 1, 2, 3, 4

Issue 1
Povarov A. V.
The Constraints on the Masses of the Vector Leptoquarks from the Decays K0L → l+i lj B0, B0s → l+i lj

(rus, 146 Kb)
Kolesnikov V., Mudrokh A., Vasendina V., Zinchenko A.
Towards a Realistic Monte Carlo Simulation of the MPD Detector at NICA

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Anfimov N. V., Rybnikov A. V.
Measurement of Time Resolution's Parameters of a Silicon Photomultiplier

(rus, 1.113 Kb)
Bogomyagkov A. V., Glukhov S. A., Kariukina K. Iu., Kozlov O. S., Kostromin S. A., Levichev E. B., Carmignani N., Liuzzo S. M.
Dynamic Aperture Optimization of the NICA Collider Using Genetic Algorithm

(rus, 1.064 Kb)
Loginov V. N., Bogomolov S. L., Bondarchenko . E., Mironov V. E., Alexandrenko V. V., Zdorovets . V., Ivanov I. ., Kozin S. G., Koloberdin M. V., Kurakhmedov . ., Mustafin D. A., Sambayev . .
Production of Intense Ion Beams of Lithium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium from the ECR Ion Source at the DC-60 Cyclotron

(rus, 742 Kb)
Smirnov V. L.
Central Region Design in a Compact Cyclotron

(rus, 5.991 Kb)
Alexandrov V. S., Petukhov A. S., Tuzikov A. V., Fateev A. A.
The Bending Systems on the Basis of Permanent Magnets with the Adjustable Angle of the Beam Deflection

(rus, 5.991 Kb)
Bayarchimeg L., Batmunkh M., Bugay A. N., Lkhagva O.
Evaluation of Radiation-Induced Damage in Membrane Ion Channels and Synaptic Receptors

Abstracts (eng, 51 Kb)
Chan Ngok Toan, Beskrovnaya L. G., Latysheva L. N., Sobolevsky N. M., Timoshenko G. N.
Dosimeter for Measuring the Ambient Dose of Neutrons with Energy from 104 MeV to 1 GeV Based on a Cylindrical Polyethylene Moderator

(rus, 598 Kb)
Abakumova A. S., Bochkarev V. V., Ivanov V. V., Kryanev A. V.
Analysis of the Choice Stability of Decommissioning Option for Nuclear Energy Facilities

(rus, 271 Kb)
Issue 2
Silenko A.J., Teryaev O.V.
Siberian Snake-Like Behavior for an Orbital Polarization of a Beam of Twisted (Vortex) Electrons

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Bogolubov N.N., Jr., Soldatov A.V.
Dynamics of Multi-Level Open Quantum Systems with Initial System-Environment Correlations

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Grebenyuk V.M., Krasnoperov A.V., Lavrova M.V., Pan A., Podorozhny D.M., Porokhovoy S.Yu., Rogov A.D., Sadovsky A.B., Slunecka M., Tkachev L.G., Tkachenko A.V.
The OLVE-HERO Calorimeter Prototype Tests at Heavy Ion Beams of CERN SPS

(rus, 4200 Kb)
Mokrousov M.I., Mitrofanov I.G., Litvak M.L., Sanin A.B., Anikin A.A., Dyachkova M.V., Ilyin A.G., Karpushkina N.E., Malakhov A.V.
Promising Neutron Detector with Anti-Coincidence Protection

(rus, 8400 Kb)
Pokotilovski Yu.N.
Modelling Photonuclear Method of Hidden Explosives Detection

(rus, 3400 Kb)
Chernikov A., Buzdavin A.
Study of Heat Inflow Using Heat Exchange Gas in a Shaft Cryostat Based on GM Cryocooler

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Dolbilov G.V.
Broadband Cyclic Accelerator with Constant Magnetic Field and Equilibrium Radius of the Orbit of Particles

(rus, 141 Kb)
Syrovoy V.A.
Transportation of Elliptic Beam of Charged Particles

(rus, 110 Kb)
Sapronova T.M., Syrovoy V.A.
Formation of Relativistic Brillouin Toroid

(rus, 115 Kb)
Potylitsyn A.P., Gogolev S.Yu.
The Cherenkov Radiation in Inclined Dielectric Plate. Azimuthal Symmetry Breaking

(rus, 961 Kb)
Golubkov E.A., Lebedev N.I., Minashkin V.F., Pokrovsky S.V., Repkin A.N., Chepurchenko R.A., Shabratov V.G., Shvets V.A.
A Triode Electron Gun of Linear Accelerator LUE-200, IREN Facility, FLNP, JINR

(rus, 1100 Kb)
Perepelkin E.E., Kovalenko .D., Tarelkin .A., Polyakova R.V., Inozemtseva N.G., Sysoev P.N., Sadovnikova .B.
3D Calculations for the SPD Detector Magnetic System for the NICA Project

(rus, 7800 Kb)
Krasavin E.A., Boreyko A.V., Zadneprianetc M.G., Ilyina E.V., Kozhina R.A., Kuzmina E.A., Kulikova E.A., Smirnova E.V., Timoshenko G.N., Tiounchik S.I., Chausov V.N.
The Influence of DNA Synthesis Inhibitors on the Biological Efficiency of the Modified Bragg Peak Proton Beam

(rus, 670 Kb)
Issue 3
Nazmitdinov R. G.
From Chaos to Order in Mesoscopic Systems

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Cunha I. E., Barros C. C., Jr.
Hadronic Matter in the RobertsonWalker Metric and the Early Universe

Abstracts (eng, 51 Kb)
Manaenkov S. I.
Model for Classical Electron with Finite Mass and Action

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Aounallah H., Boumali A.
Solutions of the Duffin-Kemmer Equation in Noncommutative Space of Cosmic String and Magnetic Monopole with Allowance for the AharonovBohm and Coulomb Potentials

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Choudhury B. S., Samanta S.
Bidirectional Teleportation of Three-Qubit Generalized W-States Using Multipartite Quantum Entanglement

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Guskov A., El-Kholy R.
On the Possibility to Study Antiproton Production at the SPD Detector at the NICA Collider for Dark Matter Search in Astrophysical Experiments

Abstracts (eng, 56 Kb)
Yeremin A. V., Tezekbayeva M. S., Popeko A. G., Malyshev O. N., Lopez-Martens A., Hauschild K., Dorvaux O., Gall B., Isaev A. V., Karpov A. V., Kuznetsov A. N., Kuznetsova A. A., Popov Yu. A., Svirikhin A. I., Sokol E. A., Chelnokov M. L., Chepigin V. I., Moshat P.
Formation Cross-Section Measurement of the Isotopes of Transfermium Elements in Complete Fusion Reactions with Subsequent Evaporation of Proton and Neutrons

(rus, 801 Kb)
Bhaduri S., Bhaduri A., Ghosh D.
Pion Fluctuation Study in PbPb Collision at 2.76 TeV per Nucleon Pair from the ALICE Experiment with Chaos and Complex Network-Based Methods

(rus, 59 Kb)
Dedovich T. G., Tokarev M. V.
Reconstruction of Dimension of Complete and Incomplete Fractals

(rus, 515 Kb)
Mitrofanov I. G., Golovin D. V., Sanin A. B., Nikiforov S. Yu., Anikin A. A., Dyachkova M. V., Karpushkina N. E., Lisov D. I., Litvak M. L., Mokrousov M. I., Timoshenko G. N., Krylov A. R., Shvetsov V. N., Mitsin G. V., Molokanov A. G.
First Results for Laboratory Tests of a Concept of Space Gamma-Spectrometer with Tagged Protons Method at the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of JINR

(rus, 515 Kb)
Plis Yu. A., Černy J., Fedorov A. N., Gapienko I. V., Gurevich G. M., Kohout Z., Petrík J., Pospíšil S., Solar M., Šveida J., Usov Yu. A., Wilhelm I.
Research and Development of the Polarized Deuteron Source for the Van de Graaff Accelerator

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Azaryan N., Budagov J., Glagolev V., Lyablin M., Pluzhnikov A., Seletsky A., Trubnikov G., Di Girolamo B., Gayde J.-Ch., Mergelkuhl D.
Professional Precision Laser Inclinometer: The Noises Origin and Signal Processing

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Fomin Ye. A., Korchuganov V. N., Smygacheva A. S.
Diffraction-Limited X-Ray Source Based on 6 GeV Storage Ring

(rus, 2.183.278 Kb)
Kanagatova G. K., Borzakov S. B., Hramco C.
Determination of the Neutron Flux at the IREN Facility

(rus, 220 Kb)
Zrelov P. V., Ivanov Valery V., Ivanov Victor V., Kryukov Yu. A., Tatarinov I. I.
Study of the Internet Traffic Features in the Trunk Channel

(rus, 2.071.122 Kb)
Ayriyan A. S., Buša J., Jr., Grigorian H., Donets E. E.
Solving the Optimization Problem for Designing a Pulsed Cryogenic Cell

(rus, 1.838.278 Kb)
Issue 4
Kotikov A. V., Shaikhatdenov B. G., Zhang Pengming
Antishadowing in the Rescaling Model at x ∼ 0,1

Abstracts (eng, 55 Kb)
Podoinitsyn M. A.
Polarization Spin-Tensors in Two-Spinor Formalism and BehrendsFronsdal Spin Projection Operator for D-Dimensional Case

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Baldin A. A., Bradnova V., Butenko A. V., Krylov V. A., Pavlik E. E., Timoshenko G. N., Khariyuzov P. R.
Method for Irradiation of the Brain of Primates by the 78Kr Beam Extracted from Nuclotron at LHEP

(rus, 2.275.546 Kb)
Afanasev S. V., Baldin A. A., Baskov V. A., Dryablov D. K., Dubinchik B. V., Igamkulov Z. A., Dronov V. A., L'vov A. I., Polyansky V. V.,
Pavluchenko L. N., Sidorin S. S., Michalickova K.
Test of the Neutron Detector on the Extracted Nuclotron Beam

(rus, 2.721.504 Kb)
Tsyganov Yu. S.
REDSTORM2 ++ Program Package for New Gas-Filled Recoil Separator of FLNR (JINR)

(rus, 10.616.313 Kb)
Azaryan N., Budagov J., Glagolev V., Lyablin M., Pluzhnikov A., Seletsky A., Trubnikov G., Di Girolamo B., Gayde J.-Ch., Mergelkuhl D.
The Seismic Angular Noise of an Industrial Origin Measured by the Precision Laser Inclinometer in the LHC Location Area

Abstracts (eng, 61 Kb)
Azaryan N. S., Budagov J. A., Lyablin M. V., Pluzhnikov A. A., Di Girolamo B., Gayde J.-Ch., Mergelkuhl D.
Position-Sensitive Photoreceivers: Sensitivity and Detectable Range of Displacements of a Focused Single-Mode Laser Beam

Abstracts (eng, 61 Kb)
Azaryan N., Budagov J., Glagolev V., Lyablin M., Pluzhnikov A., Trubnikov G., Shirkov G., Bruning O., Di Girolamo B., Gayde J.-Ch.,
Mergelkuhl D., Rossi L.
Colliding Beams Focus Displacement Caused by Seismic Events

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Akkoyun S., Yildiz N., Kaya H.
Neural Network Estimation for Attenuation Coefficients for Gamma-Ray Angular Distribution

Abstracts (eng, 52 Kb)
Bulanova T. S., Boreyko A. V., Zadneprianetc M. G., Krasavin E. A., Kulikova E. A., Smirnova E. V., Severiukhin Yu. S., Timoshenko G. N.
DNA DSB Formation in Rat Brain Neurons after Irradiation with Krypton Ions (78Kr)

(rus, 15.436.829 Kb)



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