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Particles and Nuclei, Letters [ISSN 1814-5957] (Print), [ISSN 1814-5973] (Online)

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica" from 2004.

Archive (1984-2013) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Year 2014, issues: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

Issue 1
Smirnova L.N.
Physics Results at Large Hadron Collider
(2180 Kb)
Denisov S.P., Shchukin A.A.
New Results of Experiments at the Tevatron
(320 Kb)
Khokhlov S.S., Barbashina N.S., Bogdanov A.G., Dmitrieva A.N., Dushkin L.I., Zadeba E.A., Kindin V.V., Kovylyaeva E.A., Kokoulin R.P., Kompaniets K.G., Kruglikova V.S., Petrukhin A.A., Khomyakov V.A., Chernov D.V., Shutenko V.V., Yashin I.I.
Cascade Showers in Cherenkov Water Detector
(210 Kb)
Gurevich G.M.
Active Polarized Target: Measurements of Spin Polarizabilities of the Proton
(470 Kb)
Fetisov V.N.
On the Nuclear and Coulomb Interaction at Coherent Fragmentation of Relativistic Nuclei in Photoemulsion
(325 Kb)
Boldyrev A.S., Romanyuk A.S., Smirnov S.Yu., Tikhomirov V.O.
Simulation of Gas Mixture Drift Properties for GasPixel Detector for Modernization of ATLAS
(495 Kb)
Ivanov K.A., Shulyapov S.A., Rusakov A.V., Turinge A.A., Brantov A.V., Savel'ev A.B., Djilkibaev R.M., Nedorezov V.G., Uryupina D.S., Volkov R.V., Bychenkov V.Yu.
New Photonuclear Methods Based on Femtosecond Lasers
(190 Kb)
Serov A.V.
Transition Radiation Detectors That Use Dihedral Angle or Conical Surface as a Radiator
(393 Kb)
Issue 2
Dineykhan M., Zhaugasheva S.A., Khabyl N., Nurbakova G.S.
Determination of the Mass Spectrum and the Decay Constant of Mesons Consisting of c and b Quarks
(210 Kb)
Ghahramany N., Khosravi R., Janipour S.
Ds0DK Vertex in QCD Sum Rules
(165 Kb)
Timoshin E.S., Timoshin S.I.
The Extraction of the Polarized Structure Functions from the Asymmetries in the Deep Inelastic Scattering with the Participation of the Neutrino
(111 Kb)
Aparin A.A., Tokarev M.V.
Self-Similarity of Low-pT Cumulative Pion Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions at High Energies
(529 Kb)
Kazaryan E.M., Shahnazaryan V.A., Sarkisyan H.A., Gusev A.A.
Quantum Model of Thomson Helium Atom
(136 Kb)
Troyan Yu.A., Anikina M.Ch., Beljaev A.V., Jerusalimov A.P., Troyan A.Yu.
Elastic np np(pn) Scattering at Intermediate Energies
(329 Kb)
Skobelev N.K., Penionzhkevich Yu.E., Voskoboynik E.I., Kroha V., Burjan V., Hons Z., Mrzek J., Pisko ., imekova E., Kugler A.
Fusion and Transfer Cross Sections of 3He Induced Reaction on Pt and Au in Energy Range 10-24.5 MeV
(260 Kb)
Baldin A.A., Berlev A.I., Kudashkin I.V., Fedorov A.N.
The MCP-Based Detector for Monitoring Space-Time Characteristics of the Nuclotron Circulating Beam
(363 Kb)
Mokrov Yu.V., Morozova S.V.
Application of Sphere Albedo System for Correction Reading of Albedo Dosimeters in Neutron Fields of Phasotron, JINR
(305 Kb)
Gikal B.N., Dmitriev S.N., Gulbekian G.G., Apel P.Yu., Bogomolov S.L., Borisov O.N., Buzmakov V.A., Verevochkin V.A., Efremov A.A., Ivanenko I.A., Ivanov G.N., Kazarinov N.Yu., Kazach V.I., Kalagin I.V., Kolesov I.V., Kononov V.M., Korolev A.A., Kostyrev V.A., Lomovcev A.M., Melnikov V.N., Mironov V.I., Pashchenko S.V., Sokolov V.A., Osipov N.F., Tikhomirov A.V., Fateev A.A., Khabarov M.V.
Development, Creation and Start-Up of DC-110 Heavy Ion Cyclotron Complex for Industrial Production of Track Membranes
(709 Kb)
Gikal B.N., Ivanenko I.A., Kazarinov N.Yu., Kalagin I.V., Mironov V.I., Samsonov E.V.
The Correction of Vertical Shifting of the Extracted Beam at the Test Operation of DC-110 Cyclotron
(210 Kb)
Samsonov E.V., Gikal B.N., Borisov O.N., Ivanenko I.A.
Numerical Simulation of Ion Acceleration and Extraction in Cyclotron DC-110
(1.8 Mb)
Didyk A.Yu., Winiewski R.
Results of Irradiation of Aluminum and Homogeneous Alloy YMn2 by 23 MeV Energy -Quanta in the Atmosphere of Molecular Deuterium at 2 kbar Pressure
(3.6 Mb)
Gikal B.N., Mironov V.I., Teterev Yu.G., Shchegolev V.Yu.
Neutron Yield at an Irradiation of Constructional Metals by Heavy Ions with Energy 2.5 MeV/nucleon
(145 Kb)
Franko J., Gulbekian G.G., Kostromin S.A.
Analytical Dependences Used for the Preliminary Synthesis and Optimization of Magnetic Structures of Cyclotrons
(501 Kb)
Franko J., Gulbekian G.G., Ivanenko I.A.
The Software Application CyclSyntWin for Synthesis and Optimization of the Magnetic Structures and Magnet of Cyclotrons
(457 Kb)
Baljinnyam N., Frontasyeva M.V., Alekseyonok Yu.V.
INAA for Determination of Trace Elements in Bottom Sediments of the Selenga River Basin in Mongolia
(349 Kb)
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Issue 3
Mohammadi B., Mehraban H.
Effects of Final-State Interactions in B+ D+s Decay
(240 b)
Mahmoud Zakaria M.M., Ibraheem Awad A., El-Azab Farid M.
Optical Model Analysis of p + 6He Scattering over a Wide Range of Energy
(433 b)
Lovejot, Gautam S.
Directed Transverse Flow and Its Disappearance for Asymmetric Reactions
(216 b)
Ishmukhamedov I.S., Valiolda D.S., Zhaugasheva S.A.
Description of Ultracold Atoms in a One-Dimensional Geometry of a Harmonic Trap with a Realistic Interaction
(267 b)
Mariji H., Modarres M.
The Effect of Fermi Momentum Cutoff on the Binding Energy of Closed-Shell Nuclei in the LOCV Framework
(179 b)
Chirikov-Zorin I., Krumshtein Z., Olchevski A., Utkin V., Zhmurin P.
The Design of Module of a New Electromagnetic Calorimeter for COMPASS II
(915 b)
Kalinnikov V., Velicheva E.
Investigation of LYSO and GSO Crystals and Simulation of the Calorimeter for COMET Experiment
(1.509 b)
Davkov K.I., Myalkovskiy V.V., Peshekhonov V.D., Cholakov V.D.
A Mode of Operation of Thin-Walled High-Pressure Drift Tubes with High Spatial Resolution
(224 b)
Uvarov V.T., Ponomarev A.G., Lonin Yu.F., Uvarov V.V., Nikitin A.N., Robuk V.N., Ivankina T.I., Klepikov V.F., Lytvynenko V.V., Donets S.E., Bazaleev N.I.
Radiation-Acoustic Thermal Parameters Control of Construction Materials Irradiated by Intense Relativistic Electron Beams
(353 b)
Hamel A.
The Influence of the Opening between the Heads of the Two Closest Pyramids in Textured Surface for Solar Cells and Its Application on the Spectral Response
(114 b)
Budagov J., Glagolev V., Lyablin M., Shirkov G., Mainaud Durand H., Stern G.
A Laser-Based Fiducial Line for High-Precision Multipoint Alignment System
(2.135 b)
Budagov J., Glagolev V., Lyablin M., Shirkov G., Mainaud Durand H.
Air Temperature Stabilization in the Thermally Isolated Optical Laboratory
(2.244 b)
Batusov V., Budagov J., Lyablin M., Gayde J.-Ch., Di Girolamo B., Mergelkuhl D., Nessi M.
The Laser Reference Line Method and Its Comparison to a Total Station in an ATLAS-Like Configuration
(867 b)
Didyk A.Yu., Winiewski R.
Results of Irradiation of Stainless Steel and Copper by 23 MeV Energy -Quanta in the Atmosphere of Molecular Deuterium at 2 kbar Pressure
(3.155 b)
Slavnov D.A.
A Soft Qubit
(145 b)
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Issue 4
Arbuzov A.B., Kopylova T.V.
Off-Mass-Shell Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment
(76 b)
Contrera G.A., Grunfeld A.G., Blaschke D.B.
Phase Diagrams in Nonlocal Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Models Constrained by Lattice QCD Results
(360 b)
Vishneva A.V., Volkov M.K.
Radiative Decays of Radially Excited Pseudoscalar Mesons in the Extended Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model
(117 b)
Kotlorz D., Kotlorz A.
Evolution of the Truncated Mellin Moments of the Parton Distributions in QCD Analysis
(210 b)
Voskresenskaya O.O., Kuraev E.A., Torosyan H.T.
Coulomb Corrections to the Parameters of the Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal Effect Theory
(258 b)
Aparin A.A., Tokarev M.V.
Self-Similarity of High-pT Cumulative Hadron Production in p + A Collisions at High Energies at U70
(348 b)
Aparin A.A., Tokarev M.V.
Self-Similarity of Low-pT Cumulative Pion Production in Proton-Nucleus Collisions at U70
(563 b)
Bunzarov I.Zh., Chankova-Bunzarova N.Y., Rogachevsky O.V.
Event Structure Investigation of AuAu Interactions from the HIJING Model Using Fractal Dimensions
(232 b)
Naghdi M.
Comparing Some Nucleon-Nucleon Potentials
(1 b)
Ikot A.N., Hassanabadi H., Maghsoodi E., Zarrinkamar S.
Approximate Solutions of Dirac Equation for Tietz and General Manning-Rosen Potentials Using SUSYQM
(252 b)
Ikot A.N., Hassanabadi H., Maghsoodi E., Zarrinkamar S., Salehi N.
Solutions to the Dirac Equation for Symmetric and Asymmetric Trigonometric Rosen-Morse Potential Using SUSYQM
(322 b)
Kouzakov K.A., Studenikin A.I.
On Sensitivity of Neutrino-Helium Ionizing Collisions to Neutrino Magnetic Moments
(110 b)
Gikal B.N., Teterev Yu.G., Shchegolev V.Yu., Zdorovets M.V., Ivanov I.A., Koloberdin M.V., Alexandrenko V.V.
Secondary Fusion Reactions in Bombarding Targets of Light Elements by Heavy Ions of Low Energy
(171 b)
Bystritsky V.M., Bystritskii Vit.M., Dudkin G.N., Filipowicz M., Gazi S., Huran J., Nechaev B.A., Padalko V.N., Parzhitskii S.S., Pen'kov F.M., Philippov A.V., Tuleushev Yu.Zh.
Experimental Observation of the D(p,)3He Reaction Electron Screening in the Ultralow Collision Energy Region in the Deuterated Titanium
(228 )
Alekseev I., Belov V., Brudanin V., Danilov M., Egorov V., Filosofov D., Fomina M., Hons Z., Kobyakin A., Medvedev D., Mizuk R., Novikov E., Olshevsky A., Rozov S., Rumyantseva N., Rusinov V., Salamatin A., Shevchik Ye., Shirchenko M., Shitov Yu., Starostin A., Svirida D., Tarkovsky E., Tikhomirov I., Yakushev E., Zhitnikov I., Zinatulina D.
DANSSino: A Pilot Version of the DANSS Neutrino Detector
(1.9 b)
Zlokazov V.B., Morozov V.A.
Robust Fitting for the Estimation of Hidden Parameters in Experimental Distributions on the Plane
(227 b)
Ivanov E., Svetov L., Smirnova Z.
The Quench Detector for Superconducting Elements of the NICA Acceleration Complex
(1.7 b)
Agapov N.N., Batin V.I., Emelianov N.E., Hisameev I.G., Krakovsky B.D., Mitrofanova Y.A., Nikiforov D.N., Popov O.M., Trubnikov G.V., Udut V.N., Ziskin G.F.
Cryogenics for the Future Accelerator Complex NICA at JINR
(899 b)
Syresin E.M.
Incoherent Vertical Ion Losses at Multiturn Cooling Stacking Injection
(293 b)
Cirilo-Lombardo D.J.
Bounded Coherent States and Excitonic Systems
(97 b)
Serdyukova S.I.
Determination of IVC Breakpoint for Josephson Junction Stack. Non-Periodic Boundary Conditions with = 1
(144 b)
Didyk A.Yu., Winiewski R.
Structure and Chemical Composition Changes of Pd-Rod and Reaction Product Collector Irradiated by 10 MeV Braking = 1 Quanta inside High Pressure Chamber Filled with 2.5 kbar Molecular Hydrogen
(647 b)
Alexakhin V.Yu., Kouznetsov O.M., Rossiyskaya N.S., Sapozhnikov M.G.
Optimization the Parameters of the LEPTO/JETSET Generator for Charged Lepton DIS Region
(568 b)
Ablyazimov T.O., Zyzak M.V., Ivanov V.V., Kisel P.I.
A Fast Parallelized Kalman Filter Based Reconstruction of Charged Particle Trajectories for the CBM Experiment on a Manycore Server at JINR LIT
(670 b)
Krylov A., Paraipan M., Sobolevsky N., Timoshenko G., Tret'yakov V.
GEANT4, MCNPX, and Shield Code Comparison Concerning Relativistic Heavy-Ion Interaction with Matter
(206 b)
Janek M., Trpiov B., Piyadin S.M., Ladygin V.P.
GEANT4 Simulation of dp Nonmesonic Breakup Reaction at 300 and 500 MeV
(274 b)
Derenovskaya .Yu., Ivanov V.V.
Reconstruction and Selection of J/ e+e- Decays Registered by the CBM Set-up in 25 AGeV Au + Au-Collisions
(542 )
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Issue 5
X International Scientific Workshop in Memory of V.P.Sarantsev
Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine, September 3-7, 2013
Proceedings of the Seminar
Agafonov A.V., Tarakanov V.P.
Ion Beam Formation in Vacuum Neutron Tube
(338 b)
Drozdovsky A.A., Bogdanov A.V., Gavrilin R.O., Golubev A.A., Drozdovsky S.A., Kantsyrev A.V., Ladygina E.M., Savin S.M., Stasevich Yu.B., Khudomyasov A.V., Yanenko V.V.
Electronic Gun for Physical Researches
(336 b)
Zhabitsky V.M., Chizhova O.N.
Damping of Coherent Betatron Oscillations of a Beam in Synchrotrons with a Feedback System
(92 b)
Zenkevich P.R.
Coherent Instabilities in NICA Collider
(216 b)
Bolshakov A.E., Golubev A.A., Zenkevich P.R., Kats M.M., Kolomiets A.A.
Investigation of Carrying out Experiments ELISE and EXL Based on ITEP Accelerator Complex
(252 b)
Kats M.M.
New Solutions of Beams Acceleration and Transport for Proton and Ion Therapy (Review of PTCOG52 Conference Reports, Essen, June 2013)
(269 b)
Karnaukhov I.M., Korzhov D.E., Lyaschenko V.N., Mytsykov A.A., Trotsenko V.I.
Control System of Power Supply for X-Ray Generator NESTOR
(511 b)
Kres E.V., Kadenko I.N., Bessheiko O.A., Belov D.V., Blinov N.A., Galimov A.R., Zorin A.G., Karpinsky V.N., Nikiforov D.N., Pivin R.V., Smirnov A.V., Smirnova E.V., Shevchenko E.V., Smirnov S.A., Khodzhibagiyan G.G., Cheng Lian Liu
Tests of Prototypes of High-Temperature Superconducting Current Leads on the Cryogenic Stand for the Testing of Magnet Elements of the NICA Accelerator Complex
(553 b)
Kuznetsov G.I., Batazova M.A.
Optics of Electron Induction Accelerator LIA-2
(545 b)
Kuksanov N.K., Fadeev S.N., Salimov R.A., Golubenko Yu.I., Kogut D.A., Korchagin A.I., Lavrukhin A.V., Nemytov P.I., Domarov E.V., Semenov A.V.
Technical Means of Improving the Quality of Material Irradiation ELV by Accelerators
(327 b)
Bezdetko A., Gladkikh P., Gokov S., Grevtsev V., Dovbnya A., Ivashchenko V., Karnaukhov I., Kalamayko ., Korzhov D., Kushnir V., Mitrochenko V., Lyashchenko V., Mytsykov A., Ryezayev A., Trotsenko V., Skyrda V., Zelinsky A., Shcherbakov A.
Injection System at the X-Ray Generator NESTOR
(641 b)
Blinov V.E., Bobrovnikov V.S., Zolotarev K.V., Kiselev V.A., Kononov S.A., Kurkin G.Ya., Levichev E.B., Meshkov O.I., Muchnoi N.Yu., Nikitin S.A., Nikolenko D.M., Sukhanov D.P., Tikhonov Yu.A., Tolochko B.P., Tumaikin G.M., Shamov A.G., Shatilov D.N.
(982 b)
Orlov O.S., Meshkov I.N., Rudakov A.Yu., Philippov A.V.
Secondary Electron Yield from Surface of a Stainless Steel Covered with Titanium Nitride
(184 b)
Paramonov V., Floettmann K., Kravchuk L., Orlov P.
Deflecting RF Structures with Reduced Level of Aberrations for Transformation of Particle Distributions in the Bunch
(914 b)
Rastigeev S.A., Goncharov A.D., Klyuev V.F., Konstantinov E.S., Kutnyakova L.A., Parkhomchuk V.V., Petrozhitskii A.V., Frolov A.R.
BINP AMS Adaptation for Biomedical Applications
(227 b)
Aizatsky N.I., Dovbnya A.N., Zakutin V.V., Reshetnyak N.G., Romas'ko V.P., Chertishchev I.A., Boriskin V.N., Dovbnya N.A.
General and Regulation of Current of Powerful Electron Beam in Accelerator Based on Secondary-Emission Source and Its Application
(2.5 b)
Rogovsky Yu.A., Berkaev D.E., Zemlyansky I.M., Zharinov Yu.M., Kasaev A.S., Koop I.A., Kyrpotin A.N., Lysenko A.P., Perevedentsev E.A., Prosvetov V.P., Romanov A.L., Senchenko A.I., Skrinsky A.N., Shatunov P.Yu., Shatunov Yu.M., Shwartz D.B.
Status and Perspectives of Electron-Positron Collider VEPP-2000
(3.6 b)
Alexandrov V.S., Donets E.E., Konnov G.I., Kosukhin V.V., Sidorova V.O., Sidorov A.I., Trubnikov G.V., Shvetsov V.S.
Prototype of the High-Voltage Platform for the KRION Ion Source
(5.6 b)
Starostenko D.A., Logachev P.V., Akimov A.V., Korepanov A.A., Bak P.A., Panov A.N., Pachkov A.A., Eliseev A.A., Ottmar A.V., Kulenko Ya.V., Bolkhovityanov D.Yu., Fatkin G.A., Pavlov O.A., Kuznetsov G.I., Nikolaev I.V., Batazova M.A., Batrakov A.M., Boimelshteain Yu.M., Pavlenko A.V.
The Performance Results of the LIA-2 in Radiographic Mode
(863 b)
Boettcher Ju., Golubkov E.A., Egorov V.A., Zaytseva Yu.K., Zamriy V.N., Kayukov A.S., Kobets V.V., Korokin A.Zh., Minashkin V.F., Pyataev V.G., Repkin A.N., Skrypnik A.V., Sumbaev A.P., Udovichenko K.V., Shabratov V.G., Schvets V.A., Shvetsov V.N., Pavlov V.M.
LUE-200 Accelerator of IREN Facility: Current Status and Development
(6.7 b)
Kim Dong Su, Sumbaev A.P., Shvetsov V.N.
180 MW/180 kW Pulse Modulator for S-Band Klystron of LUE-200 Linac of IREN Installation of JINR
(543 b)
Volkov V.I., Meshkov I.N., Mikhaylov V.A., Trubnikov G.V., Tuzikov A.V., Fateev A.A.
Conceptual Design of System of Heavy Ion Beam Injection into Booster of NICA Accelerator Complex
(1.1 b)
Dovbnya A.N., Rogov Yu.V., Tenishev A.Eh., Torgovkin A.V., Uvarov V.L., Shevchenko V.A., Shramenko B.I.
Study of 192Ir Production Conditions at an Electron Accelerator
(104 )
Bulanov V.A., Gorbachev E.V., Lebedev N.I., Tuzikov A.V., Fateev A.A.
Conceptual Design of Power Supplies of Deflecting Plates for Multivariant Beam Injection into Booster of NICA Accelerator Complex
(496 b)
Kuznetsov A.B., Meshkov I.N., Tuzikov A.V., Philippov A.V.
Luminosity of the NICA Collider in Working Mode with Using Electron Cooling System
(221 b)
Kadenko I., Bezsheyko O., Hohov D., Sidorin A., Trubnikov G., Shurkhno N., Stassen R.
Optical Comb Filter for the Stochastic Cooling System at Nuclotron (JINR, Dubna)
(2.0 b)
Horodek P., Bugdol M., Kobets A.G., Meshkov I.N., Orlov O.S., Rudakov A.Yu., Sidorin A.A., Yakovenko S.L.
Development of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy at LEPTA Facility
(156 b)
Issue 6
X International Scientific Workshop in Memory of V.P.Sarantsev
Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine, September 3-7, 2013
Proceedings of the Seminar
Larin S.A.
Perturbative Series and the 1/N Expansion for the QED Function
(80 b)
Kisselev A.V.
RS Model with a Small Curvature and Dielectron Production at the LHC
(1.1 Mb)
Silenko A.J.
Electric and Magnetic Polarizabilities of Pointlike Spin-1/2 Particles
(70 b)
Konoplyanikov V.F., Savina M.V., Shmatov S.V., Shulga S.G.
Uncertainties of Drell-Yan Production Cross Section in pp Collisions at the LHC
(283 b)
Syresin E., Brovko O., Grebentsov A., Zamjatin N., Shabunov A., Yurkov M., Gruenert J., Freund W., Novikov D., Basta R., Fiala T., Hedbavny P.
Micro Channel Plate Photon Detectors for Free Electron Lasers
(421 b)
Pavlov S.S., Dmitriev A.Yu., Chepurchenko I.A., Frontasyeva M.V.
Automation System for Measurement of Gamma-Ray Spectra of Induced Activity for Multi-Element High-Volume Neutron Activation Analysis at the IBR-2 Reactor of FLNP at JINR
(461 b)
Tsyganov Yu.S.
Physical Basis of Critical Analysis
(1.2 b)
Khuukhenkhuu G., Gledenov Yu.M., Sedysheva M.V., Odsuren M., Munkhsaikhan J., Delgersaikhan T.
Systematical Analysis of (n,) Reaction Cross Sections for 6-20 MeV Neutrons
(362 b)
Ivanenko I.A., Kazarinov N.Yu.
Optimization of the Magnetic Field in the Analyzing Magnet of the Axial Injection Beam Line of the Cyclotron DC-280
(2.8 b)
Gulbekian G.G., Gikal B.N., Bekhterev V.V., Bogomolov S.L., Efremov A.A., Ivanenko I.A., Kazarinov N.Yu., Kalagin I.V., Melnikov V.N., Osipov N.F., Prokhorov S.V., Tikhomirov A.V., Khabarov M.V.
The Project of the Axial Injection for DC-280 Cyclotron
(1.6 b)
Smirnov V.L., Vorozhtsov S.B., Vincent J.
H- Superconducting Cyclotron for PET Isotope Production
(917 b)
Vasilev S.E., Vishnevskiy A.V., Kadykov M.G., Makankin A.M., Tyutyunnikov S.I., Shurygin A.A.
Development of the Monitoring System for a Shape, Position and Intensity of the Relativistic Nuclei Extracted Beam at the Nuclotron-M, JINR
(757 b)
Rahmonov I.R., Shukrinov Yu.M.
Modeling of Phase Dynamics of Two Parallel Josephson Junctions Stacks
(158 b)
Karamysheva G.A., Kostromin S.A., Morozov N.A., Samsonov E.V., Syresin E.M.
Influence of the Magnetic Field Radial Component Imperfection on the Beam Dynamics in the Medical Cyclotron C235-V3
(5.2 b)
Mokrov Yu.V., Morozova S.V., Timoshenko G.N., Krylov V.A.
The Correction of Albedo Dosimeters Readout at U400M LNR with the Help of a Spherical Albedo System and Comparison with Other Correction Methods
(332 b)



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