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Particles and Nuclei, Letters [ISSN 1814-5957] (Print), [ISSN 1814-5973] (Online)

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica" from 2004.

Archive (1984-2017) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Year 2018, issues: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Issue 1
Ivanov M. A., Nurbakova G., Tyulemissov Zh.
The Decay of Δ Isobar in the Covariant Quark Model

(rus, 222 Kb)
Kaur M., Singh S. P., Verma R. C.
Quark Diagram Analysis of Bottom Meson Decays Emitting Pseudoscalar and Vector Mesons

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Roenko A. A., Sveshnikov K. A.
Dynamical Screening of AMM and QED Effects for H-Like Atoms with Large Z

(rus, 299 Kb)
Roenko A. A., Sveshnikov K. A.
Perturbative and Nonperturbative Aspects of the Interaction of Dirac Particle's AMM with the Coulomb Field of a Superheavy Nucleus

(rus, 282 Kb)
Chugreev Yu. V.
A Benign Property of the Ghost Mode in Massive Theory of Gravitation

Abstracts (eng, 282 Kb)
Bekzhanov A. V., Bondarenko S. G., Burov V. V.
Relativistic Two-Body Interaction Current in the Elastic eD Scattering

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Hafdallah A., Chetouani L.
Pair Creation by a Nonlocal Potential

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Komarov V. I.
On the Possibility of Revealing the Transition of a Baryon Pair State to a Six-Quark Confinement State

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Janek M., Ladygin V. P., Piyadin S. M., Gurchin Yu. V., Isupov A. Yu., Karachuk J.-T., Khrenov A. N., Kurilkin A. K., Kurilkin P. K., Livanov A. N., Martinska G., Reznikov S. G., Tarjanyiova G., Terekhin A. A.
Calibration Procedure of the Δ E E Detectors fordp Breakup Investigation at the Nuclotron

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Pokotilovski Yu. N.
On Possibility of Investigations with Very Cold Neutrons on Pulsed Sources

(rus, 834 Kb)
Korchuganov V. N., Smygacheva A. S., Fomin Ye. A.
Multiobjective Optimization of the Synchrotron Radiation Source «Siberia-2» Lattice Using a Genetic Algorithm

(rus, 1.170 Kb)
Akishina E. P., Alexandrov E. I., Alexandrov I. N., Filozova I. A., Friese V., Ivanov V. V.
Development of the Geometry Database for the CBM Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Ivanov V. V., Osetrov E. S.
Forecasting the Daily Passenger Traffic in the Moscow Metro

(rus, 5.341 Kb)
Bulanova T. S., Zadneprianetc M. G., Ježkova L., Kruglyakova E. A., Smirnova E. V., Boreyko A. V.
Induction and Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks in the Rat Cerebellar Cortex after Exposure to 60Co γ Rays

(rus, 1.482 Kb)
Panova T. D., Dmitriev A. Yu., Borzakov S. B., Hramko C.
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Arsenic and Mercury in Human Remains of the XVIXVII Centuries from the Moscow Kremlin Necropolises by Neutron Activation Analysis at the IREN Facility and the IBR-2 Reactor of FLNP JINR

(rus, 759 Kb)

Issue 2
Nilima I., Agotiya V. K.
Dissociation of 1P States in Hot QCD Medium Using Quasi-Particle Model

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Hamada Sh.
Single Folding Optical Potential for Elastic Scattering of Protons from 14 N and 16O in a Wide Range of Energies

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Baranov D., Kapishin M., Kulish E., Maksymchuk A., Mamontova T., Pokatashkin G., Rufanov I., Vasendina V., Zinchenko A.
First Results from BM@N Technical Run with Deuteron Beam

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Grozdanov D. N., Aliyev F. A., Hramco C., Kopach Yu. N., Bystritsky V. M., Skoy V. R., Gundorin N. A., Ruskov I. N.
On the Possibility of Determining the Moisture Content in Furnace Coke with a BGO Scintillation Gamma Detector and a 239PuBe Neutron Source

(rus, 818 Kb)
Balakin V. V., Vorobev N. S., Berkaev D. V., Glukhov S. A., Gornostaev P. B., Dorokhov V. L., Ma Xiao Chao, Meshkov O. I., Nikiforov D. A., Shashkov E. V., Emanov F. A., Astrelina K. V., Blinov M. F., Borin V. M.
About Efficiency of the Particles Injection into the Damping Ring of Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

(rus, 378 Kb)
Bogolubov N. N., Jr., Soldatov A. V.
On One Possible Generalization of the Regression Theorem

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Mukhin K. A., Rogov A. D.
Optimization and Comparison of Different Variants of the Head Part of a Moderator of “Central” Direction for IBR-2 Reactor

(rus, 1.524 Kb)
Suvarieva D., Gudima K., Zinchenko A.
A Monte Carlo Study of Lambda Hyperon Polarization at BM@N

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Getmanov V. G., Kryanev A. V., Borog V. V., Sidorov R. V., Ulizko M. S., Butyrsky Ye. Yu.
Filtering of Trends with Forbush Effects for Time Series of Observations from Cosmic Ray Monitoring Systems

(rus, 232 Kb)
Kryanev A. V., Ivanov V. V., Romanova A. O., Sevastyanov L. A., Udumyan D. K.
Separation of Trend and Chaotic Components of Time Series and Estimation of Their Characteristics by Linear Splines

(rus, 97 Kb)
Issue 3
Tawfik A. N.
Lattice QCD Thermodynamics and RHIC-BES Particle Production within Generic Nonextensive Statistics

Abstracts (eng, 51 Kb)
Bugaev K. A., Emaus R., Sagun V. V., Ivanytskyi A. I., Bravina L. V., Blaschke D. B., Nikonov E. G., Taranenko A. V., Zabrodin E. E., Zinovjev G. M.
Threshold Collision Energy of the QCD Phase Diagram Tricritical Endpoint

Abstracts (eng, 59 Kb)
Röpke G., Blaschke D., Ivanov Yu. B., Karpenko Iu., Rogachevsky O. V., Wolter H. H.
Medium Effects on Freeze-Out of Light Clusters at NICA Energies

Abstracts (eng, 58 Kb)
Blaschke D., Dubinin A., Ebert D., Friesen A. V.
Effects of Composite Pions on the Chiral Condensate within the PNJL Model at Finite Temperature

Abstracts (eng, 60 Kb)
Aznabayev D. T., Bekbaev A. K., Korobov V. I.
Hyperfine Structure of the Ground State in the Muonic Helium Atoms

Abstracts (eng, 56 Kb)
Mahmood Sh., Tahir F., Mir A.
Interference of Nonstandard Interactions with the Standard Model in B0π0υ̅ υ, BcD υ̅ υ and B̅s0K0υ̅ υ

Abstracts (eng, 63 Kb)
Karpov A. V., Rachkov V. A., Saiko V. V.
Production of Neutron-Enriched Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei in Fusion Reactions

(rus, 852 Kb)
De Vincenzo S., Sánchez C.
General Boundary Conditions for a Majorana Single-Particle in a Box in (1+1) Dimensions

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Syrovoy V. A.
To Potential of Elliptic Cylinder with Uniform Space-Charge Distribution

(rus, 112 Kb)
Alekseev I. G., Belov V. V., Danilov M. V., Zhitnikov I. V., Kobyakin A. S., Kuznetsov A. S., Machikhiliyan I. V., Medvedev D. V., Rusinov V. Yu., Svirida D. N., Skrobova N. A., Starostin A. S., Tarkovsky E. I., Fomina M. V., Shevchik E. A., Shirchenko M. V.
The DANSS Neutrino Spectrometer: Calibration of the Detector, Stability of the Response and Light Yield Studies

(rus, 1.268 Kb)
Libanova O. N., Golubeva E. S., Ermolaev S. V., Matushko V. L., Botvina A. S.
Experimental Cross Sections of Fission Fragments of Thorium-232 Irradiated with Medium Energy Protons

(rus, 440 Kb)
Izosimov I. N., Solnyshkin A. A., Khushvaktov J. H., Vaganov Yu. A.
Fine Structure of Beta-Decay Strength Function and Anisotropy of Isovector Nuclear Density Component Oscillations in Deformed Nuclei

Abstracts (eng, 57 Kb)
Shatunov Yu. M., Belikov . I., Berkaev D. E., Gorchakov K. M., Zharinov Yu. M., Zemlyansky I. M., Kasaev A. S., Kirpotin A. N., Koop I. A., Lysenko A. P., Motygin S. V., Perevedentsev E. A., Prosvetov V. P., Rabusov D. V., Rogovsky Yu. A., Senchenko A. I., Timoshenko M. V., Shatilov D. N., Shatunov P. Yu., Shwartz D. B.
Beginning Work after the Upgrade of the Electron-Positron Collider VEPP-2000

(rus, 2.085 Kb)
Shatunov Yu. M., Koop I. A., Otboev A. V., Mane S. R., Shatunov P. Yu.
About Possibility of Acceleration of Polarized Protons in the Synchrotron Nuclotron

(rus, 637 Kb)
Kazarinov N. Yu., Gulbekyan G. G., Kazacha V. I.
Stationary Distribution of Temperature in a Rotating Ring Target

(rus, 182 Kb)
Korchuganov V. N., Smygacheva A. S., Fomin Ye. A.
The Potential Well Distortion Effect and Coherent Instabilities of an Electron Bunched Beam in the Storage Rings

(rus, 175 Kb)
Perepelkin E., Tarelkin A., Polyakova R., Kovalenko A.
Development of Condensing Mesh Method for Corner Domain at Numerical Simulation Magnetic System

Abstracts (eng, 49 Kb)
Beskrovnaia L. G., Guseva S. V., Timoshenko G. N.
Method for Monitoring Neutron Fields around High-Energy Accelerators

(rus, 238 Kb)
Issue 4
11th APCTP BLTP JINR PNPI NRC KI SPbU Joint Workshop (Petergof, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 24-28, 2017)
Proceedings of the Workshop (eng & rus, 50 Kb)
Hyun Kyu Lee
Assessment of Neutron Star Equation of State by Gravitational Waves

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Arbuzova E. V.
Gravitational Baryogenesis Revised

(rus, 111 Kb)
Novikov O. O.
Inhomogeneous Modes in the PT-Symmetric Quantum Cosmology

(rus, 48 Kb)
Andrianov A. A., Andrianov V. A., Espriu D., Iakubovich A. V., Putilova A. E.
QCD with Chiral Chemical Vector: Models versus Lattices

(rus, 232 Kb)
Ilgenfritz E. -M., Pawlowski J. M., Rothkopf A., Trunin A. M.
Transversal and Longitudinal Gluon Spectral Functions from Twisted Mass Lattice QCD with Nf = 2+1+1 Flavors

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Vento V.
Skyrmions at High Density

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Zhang B., Kochelev N., Lee H.-J., Zhang P.
Gluonic Distribution in the Constituent Quark and Nucleon Induced by the Instantons

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Malyshev M. Yu., Prokhvatilov E. V., Zubov R. A., Franke V. A.
Light Front Hamiltonian Approach

Abstracts (eng, 107 Kb)
Pismak Yu. M.
Modeling of Bound States of Dirac Particles in Singular Background in the Framework of Symanzik Approach

Abstracts (eng, 106 Kb)
Kim V. T.
QCD Evolution of Nuclear Structure Functions at Large x: EMC Effect and Cumulative Processes

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Boroun G. R.
Saturation Approach in Top Production

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Issadykov A., Ivanov M. A.
b-s Anomaly Decays in Covariant Quark Model

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Dong Y., Huang F., Shen P., Zhang Z.
On the Decays of d*(2380) in a Constituent Chiral Quark Model

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Shen C. W., Lin Y. H.
Decay Behavior of the Pc Hadronic Molecules

Abstracts (eng, 45 Kb)
Kim S. H., Oh Yo., Titov A. I.
Decay Angular Distributions of K* and D* Mesons as a Tool for the Dynamics of Open Strange and Charm Production

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Dorkin S. M., Kaptari L. P., Kämpfer B. B.
Solving the DysonSchwinger Equation at Zero and Finite Temperatures

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Bondarenko S. G., Burov V. V., Yurev S. A.
The Rank-One Separable Interaction Kernel for Nucleons with Scalar Propagators

(rus, 160 Kb)
Kudryavtsev V. A., Semenova A. N.
Mesons in NN̅ Channel in the Framework of Composite Superconformal String Model

(rus, 100 Kb)
Lim Ye., Oh Yo.
Nuclear Energy Density Functional and the Nuclear α Decay

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Yakhshiev U. T.
Nucleons in Nuclear Matter and Properties of Nuclei

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Wang Y. F.
Unitarity Analysis of πN Elastic Scattering Amplitudes

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Yu B.-G., Kong K.-J.
Regge Phenomenology of Photoproduction of πΔ ++ and Scaling with Saturation of Trajectory

Abstracts (eng, 47 Kb)
Strokovsky E. A.
Recent Progress in Experiments with Relativistic Ions at the Nuclotron

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Bhaduri S., Bhaduri A., Ghosh D.
Clan-Model of Particle Production Process Revisited in Chaos-Based Complex Network Scenario

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Issue 5
Jerusalimov A. P., Lykasov G. I.
Dielectron Production in PionNucleon Reactions at Intermediate Energies

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Denisova I. P., Kechkin O. V.
Least Action Principle for Lorentz Force in Dilaton-Maxwell Electrodynamics

Abstracts(eng, 36 Kb)
Sobhani H., Hassanabadi H.
Behavioral Differences of a Time-Dependent Harmonic Oscillator in Commutative Space and Noncommutative Phase Space

(eng, 32 Kb)
Boumali A., Selama Z.
Two-Dimensional KleinGordon Oscillator in the Presence of a Minimal Length

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Tokarev M. on behalf of the STAR Collaboration
Recent STAR Spin Results and Spin Measurements at RHIC

Abstracts (eng, 45 Kb)
Pukhaeva N. E.
Color Reconnection in WW Events and the Models with It

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Biswas Ghosh S., Mondal M., Mondal A., Ghosh D., Deb A.
Chaotic Multiparticle Production in Ring and Jet Structured Events in Heavy Ion Interaction: A Study in Multidimensional Phase Space

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Meshkov I. N.
Luminosity of a Collider with Asymmetric Beams

(rus, 120 Kb)
Dolbilov G. V.
The Use of Permanent Magnets for the Extraction of Particles from Cyclic Accelerators with a Constant Radius of the Orbit

(rus, 152 Kb)
Bielewicz M., Hanusek T., Jaskulak A., Peryt M., Tiutiunnikov S.
Determining the Fast Neutron Flux Density and Transmutation Level Measurements in ADS by the Use of a Threshold Nuclear Reaction

Abstracts (eng, 44 Kb)
Golovin D. V., Litvak M. L., Mitrofanov I. G., Vostrukhin A. A., Dubasov P. V., Zontikov A. O., Kozyrev A. S., Krylov A. R., Krylov V. A., Mokrousov M. I., Repkin A. N., Sanin A. B., Timoshenko G. N., Udovichenko K. V., Shvetsov V. N.
Experimental Comparison of Sensitivity of the Detectors Based on HPGe and CeBr3 with Neutron Generator for Planetary Study

(rus, 293 Kb)
Zernyshkin V. A., Maslov V. A., Penionzhkevich Yu. E., Kazacha V. I., Kolesov I. V., Tarasov O. B.
Trajectories of Motion of Charged Particles in a High-Resolution Magnetic Analyzer (MAVR)

(rus, 358 Kb)
Grozdanov D. N., Fedorov N. A., Aliev F. A., Bystritsky V. M., Kopatch Yu. N., Ruskov I. N., Sedyshev P. V., Skoy V. R., Shvetsov V. N., Baraev . V., Kologov . V.
Use of Resonance Neutrons for Element Analysis of «Proton» Rocket Engine Parts

(rus, 276 Kb)
Dusing C., Geltenbort P., Plonka C., Pokotilovski Yu. N.
Experimental Investigation of the Low Molecular Weight Fluoropolymer for the Ultracold Neutrons Storage

(rus, 285 Kb)
Boreyko A. V., Bugay A. N., Bulanova T. S., Dushanov E. B., Jezkova L., Kulikova E. A., Smirnova E. V., Zadneprianetc M. G., Krasavin E. A.
Clustered DNA Double-Strand Breaks and Neuroradiobiological Effects of Accelerated Charged Particles

Abstracts (eng, 46 Kb)
Issue 6
Chugreev Yu. V.
Magnetized QuarkGluon Plasma at the LHC

(rus, 143 Kb)
Skalozub V., Minaiev P.
Energy-Momentum Tensor in Relativistic Theory of Gravity

Abstracts (eng, 51 Kb)
Asadi A., Mehraban H.
Analysis of J/ψ → φf0(980) Decay

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Abdolmaleki M., Boroun G. R.
The Survey of Proton Structure Function with the AdS/QCD Correspondence

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Sahoo T., Biswal S. K., Acharya A.
Search of Possible Double Magic Nuclei in the Superheavy Valley Using Relativistic Mean Field Density Depending Coupling Models

Abstracts (eng, 50 Kb)
Estabar T., Mehraban H.
Investigation of Hadronic Quasi-Three-Body B Decays

Abstracts (eng, 53 Kb)
Pochanich D., Alontsi L. P., Baranov V. A., Bertl V., Bystricky Yu. M., Bychkov M. A., Velicheva E. P., Volnykh V. P., Kalinnikov V. A., Kozlovsky T., Korenchenko A. S., Korenchenko S. M., Koroliya M., Kravchuk N. P., Kuchinsky N. A., Leman M., Mzhaviya D. A., Palladino A., Robmann P., Rozhdestvensky A. M., Rondon-Aramaio O. A., Supek I., Truol P., Frlezh E., Khomutov N. V., Tsamalaidze Z., van der Shaaf A.
Research of Rare Decays of Pions Using the PIBETA Spectrometer

(rus, 2.603 Kb)
Izosimov I. N.
Structure of β-Decay Strength Function Sβ(E) in Halo Nuclei

Abstracts (eng, 49 Kb)
Loginov V. N., Bogomolov S. L., Bondarchenko A. E., Mironov V. E., Alexandrenko V. V., Zdorovets M.V., Ivanov I. A., Kozin S. G., Koloberdin M. V., Kurakhmedov A. E., Mustafin D. A., Sambayev E. K.
Production of Intense Ion Beams of Boron and Iron Using the MIVOC Method from ECR Ion Source at the DC-60 Cyclotron

(rus, 770 Kb)
Barabanov I. R., Bezrukov L. B., Novikova G. Ya., Yanovich E. A.
Effect of Neodymium on the Length of Light Attenuation in a Liquid Organic Scintillator

(rus, 252 Kb)
Lenivenko V. V., Palichik V. V.
Reconstruction of Charged Particle Trajectories in Multiwire Proportional Chambers in the BM@N Experiment

(rus, 1670 Kb)
Gahramanov I., Jafarzade Sh.
Integrable Lattice Spin Models from Supersymmetric Dualities

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Katkov V. L.
The Heat Capacity of Dimerized Antiferromagnetic Spin Chains with S=1/2 at Low Temperatures

(rus, 311 Kb)
Mirzayev M. N., Mehdiyeva R. N., Mammadov Kh. F., Jabarov S. H., Asgerov E. B.
Calculation of Thermal Parameters of Silicon Boride with DSC Method

(rus, 196 Kb)
Kuznetsov V. L., Kuznetsova E. V., Sedyshev P. V.
The Method for Measuring the Lifetime of a Neutron at a Pulsed Neutron Source IBR-2

(rus, 864 Kb)
Zlokazov V. B.
Nonparametric Method for Testing the Exponential Small Volume Data for Purity

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Ilinykh N. J., Kovalev L. E.
Approximation of the Dependence of the Radius of the Atomic Nucleus on Its Parameters Using a Fuzzy Hybrid Network Model

(rus, 117 Kb)
Zadneprianetc M. G., Boreyko A. V., Bulanova T. S., Je𝓏ková L., Krasavin E. A., Kulikova E. A., Smirnova E. V.
The Influence of Physical Characteristics of Accelerated Heavy Ions on the Formation and Repair of DNA Double Strand Breaks

(rus, 575 Kb)
Chausov V. N., Boreyko A. V., Bulanova T. S., Zadneprianetc M. G., Ilyina E. V., Je𝓏ková L., Krasavin E. A., Kozhina R. A., Kuzmina E. A., Kulikova E. A., Smirnova E. V., Tiounchik S. I.
Formation of Direct and Enzymatic DNA Double-Strand Breaks in the Presence of Repair Inhibitors after Exposure to Radiations of Different Quality

(rus, 813 Kb)



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