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The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica" from 2004.

Archive (1984-2020) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Year 2021, issues: 1

Issue 1
Gusev Yu. V.
The Method of the Kernel of the Evolutionary Equation in the Theory of Gravity

(rus, 115.028 Kb)
Benslama H., Delenda Y., Khelifa-Kerfa K., Ibrahim A. M.
Eikonal Amplitudes and Nonglobal Logarithms from the BMS Equation

Abstracts (eng, 40 Kb)
Artukh A. G., Vorontsov A. N., Klygin S. A., Kononenko G. A., Sereda Yu. M., Erdemchimeg B.
Multi-Nucleon Transfers in Reactions 18O (35 MeV/nucleon) + 181 (9)

(rus, 912 Kb)
Dubrouski A. I., Kiyavitskaya A. I., Tyutyunnikov S. I.
Simulation of an Accelerator Driven System with Different Spallation Targets

(rus, 912 Kb)
Vasilev O., Karmanov D., Kovalev I., Kudriashov I., Kurganov A., Panov A., Podorozhnyi D., Tkatchev P., Turundaevskiy A.
Current Status of the NUCLEON-2 Mission

(rus, 1.286 Kb)
Sveshnikov B. N., Smirnov S. N., Filippov A. Yu., Filippov Yu. P.
Dual Isotope Spectrometric Gamma-Densitometer for Diagnostics of Three-Phase OilWaterGas Flows

(rus, 1.286 Kb)
Karamyshev O. V., Bunyatov K. S., Gibinsky A. L., Gurskiy S. V., Karamysheva G. A., Lyapin I. D., Malinin V. A., Popov D. V., Shirkov G. D., Shirkov S. G.
Research and Development of the Superconducting Cyclotron SC230 for Proton Therapy

(rus, 606 Kb)
Kormilitsyn T. M., Obudovsky S. Yu., Kashchuk Yu. A., Rodionov R. N., Pankratenko A. V., Dzhurik A. S.
On the Application of LaCl3(Ce) Scintillator to the Fast Neutron Measurements

(rus, 715 Kb)
Pepelyshev Yu. N., Vinogradov A. V., Rogov A. D., Sidorkin S. F.
The Concept of a Fast Pulsed Reactor of Periodic Operation IBR-4

(rus, 425 Kb)
Dedovich T. G., Tokarev M. V.
Criteria for Reconstruction of Fractals and Suppression of Background Events by SePaC Method

(rus, 2.010 Kb)
Zinchenko D. A., Zinchenko A. I., Nikonov E. G.
Vector Finder A Toolkit for Track Finding in the MPD Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Getmanov V. G., Chinkin V. ., Dobrovolsky M. N., Sidorov R. V., Kryanev A. V., Yashin I. I.
Method for Evaluating the Normalized Hardware Function of the Muon Hodoscope URAGAN

(rus, 392 Kb)



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