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Particles and Nuclei, Letters [ISSN 1814-5957] (Print), [ISSN 1814-5973] (Online)

The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica" from 2004.

Archive (1984-2015) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Year 2016, issues: 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

Issue 1
Bobovnikov I.D., Pankov A.A.
Z-Z' Mixing Effects in W±-Boson Pair Production Processes at Hadron and Lepton High-Energy Colliders

(rus, 516 Kb)
Beylin V.A., Vereshkov G.M., Kuksa V.I.
The Model of Vector Technicolor

(rus, 127 Kb)
Cirilo-Lombardo D.J.
Understanding the Physical Systems from Their Underlying Geometrical and Topological Properties

(eng, 125 Kb)
Slavnov D.A.
On Evolution of the Universe

(rus, 100 Kb)
Chugreev Yu.V.
The Dark Energy and the Mass of Graviton in Near Universe

(rus, 222 Kb)
Beshtoev Kh.M.
About Absence of Oscillations at CP Violation and Presence of Interference between KS-, KL-Meson States in the System of K0 Mesons

(eng, 210 Kb)
Mehraban H., Asadi A.
Effects of Final State Interactions in Pure Annihilation Decay of B+ D+K0*

(eng, 202 Kb)
Tawfik A., Magdy H., Farag Ali A.
Lorentz Invariance Violation and Generalized Uncertainty Principle

(eng, 205 Kb)
Hamel A.
Improvement of Quantum Efficiency Using Surface Texture of Solar Cell in the Form of Pyramid

(eng, 124 Kb)
Kokoulina E.S.
High Multiplicity Study and Gluon Dominance Model

(eng, 152 Kb)
Bystritsky V.M., Huran J., Dudkin G.N., Krylov A.R., Nechaev B.A., Padalko V.N., Pen'kov F.M., Tuleushev Yu.Zh., Philippov A.V., Filipowicz M.
Effect of the pd and dd Reactions Enhancement in Deuterides TiD2, ZrD2, and Ta2D in the Astrophysical Energy Range

(eng, 490 Kb)
Bystritsky V.M., Tuleushev Yu.Zh., Dudkin G.N., Filipowicz M., Zhakanbaev E.A.
Textured Targets of Deuterides TiD2, ZrD2, NbD, and CrD2 in the Experiments to Study the pd and dd Reactions in the Astrophysical Energy Region

(rus, 182 Kb)
Batenkov O.I., Yurevich V.I., Garibin E.A., Reyterov V.M., Gusev P.E., Krutov M.A., Fedorov P.P., Veschikov A.S.
Study of Response of Scintillation Detector Based on BaF2 Crystals and Nanoceramics

(rus, 414 Kb)
Tsyganov Yu.S.
Development of "Active Correlation" Technique

(eng, 562 Kb)
Kushpil V., Mikhaylov V., Ladygin V.P., Kugler A., Kushpil S., Svoboda O., Tlusty P.
Investigation of Avalanche Photodiodes Radiation Hardness for Baryonic Matter Studies

(eng, 356 Kb)
Zhabitsky V.M.
Digital Diagnostics of Longitudinal Bunch Parameters in Synchrotrons

(rus, 300 Kb)
Kirilov A.S.
New Versions of Instrument Tuning Program and Visualization of Spectra for Reflectometers at the IBR-2 Reactor

(rus, 1.907 Mb)
Kozlova E.K., Sergunova V.A., Krasavin E.A., Boreyko A.V., Zavialova A.V., Kozlov A.P., Chernysh A.M.
Local Defects of Erythrocytes Membranes Nanostructure under the Action of Ultraviolet Radiation on Blood

(rus, 1.300 Mb)
Issue 2
Kochelev N.
Ultralight Glueballs in Quark-Gluon Plasma

(eng, 168 Kb)
Volkov V.V., Kalandarov Sh.A.
Interpretation of the Low-Energy Fission Process in the Framework of Dinuclear System Conception

(eng, 190 Kb)
Khalaf A.M., El-Shal A.O., Taha M.M., El-Sayed M.A.
Evolution of Ground-State Nuclear Shapes in Tungsten Nuclei in Terms of Interacting Boson Model

(eng, 161 Kb)
Dedovich T.G., Tokarev M.V.
Fractal Analysis Methods in the Study of Fractals with Combined Branching

(rus, 358 Kb)
Dedovich T.G., Tokarev M.V.
Two-Step Procedure of Fractal Analysis Methods

(rus, 451 Kb)
Burkatovskaya Yu.B., Bystritsky V.M., Dudkin G.N., Krylov A.R., Lysakov A.S., Gazi S., Huran J., Nechaev B.A., Padalko V.N., Sadovsky A.B., Tuleushev Yu.Zh., Filipowicz M., Philippov A.V.
Investigation of the Reaction D(4He, )6Li in the Ultra-Low Energy Region

(rus, 479 Kb)
Gikal K.B., Teterev Yu.G., Zdorovets M.V., Ivanov I.A., Koloberdin M.V., Kozin S.G.
Neutron Yields at Irradiation of Thick Targets by Ions with Energies below 1.75 MeV/Nucleon

(rus, 152 Kb)
Maslov O.D.
The Concentration of Short-Lived Spontaneously Fissioning Nuclides from Iron-Manganese Nodules

(eng, 220 Kb)
Baldin A.A., Berlev A.I., Vasil'ev S.E., Vishnevskiy A.V., Vladimirova N.M., Kudashkin I.V., Makan'kin A.M., Paraipan M., Tyutyunnikov S.I.
Monitoring of Extracted Beams of Nuclotron Accelerator Complex for "Energy+Transmutation" Experiments

(rus, 568 Kb)
Azaryan N.S., Shirkov G.D., Zhurauski A.Yu., Petrakovski V.S., Batouritski M.A.
Manufacturing of the Parts of Superconducting Niobium Cavities by the Hydropercussion Punching Technique

(rus, 410 Kb)
Vostrukhin A.A., Golovin D.V., Dubasov P.V., Zontikov A.O., Kozyrev A.S., Krylov A.R., Krylov V.A., Litvak M.L., Malakhov A.V., Mitrofanov I.G., Mokrousov M.I., Ponomarev I.D., Repkin A.N., Sanin A.B., Timoshenko G.N., Udovichenko K.V., Shvetsov V.N.
Experimental Facility for the Nuclear Planetology Instruments Testing

(rus, 329 Kb)
Litvak M.L., Mitrofanov I.G., Vostrukhin A.A., Golovin D.V., Dubasov P.V., Zontikov A.O., Kozyrev A.S., Krylov A.R., Krylov V.A., Mokrousov M.I., Repkin A.N., Timoshenko G.N., Udovichenko K.V., Shvetsov V.N.
Ground Tests of Nuclear Planetology Instruments at the JINR Experimental Facility

(rus, 355 Kb)
Yurevich V.I., Nikolaev V.A., Yakovlev R.M.
Fission of 232Th in a Spallation Neutron Field

(eng, 199 Kb)
Baldin A.A., Berlev A.I., Kudashkin I.V., Mogildea G., Mogildea M., Paraipan M., Tyutyunnikov S.I.
Simulation of Neutron Generation in Heavy Metal Targets Using Geant4 Software

(rus, 640 b)
Eganova I.A., Kallies W.
On Modeling of Neutron in Classical Physics: A Methodical Review

(rus, 268 Kb)
Gavrin V.N., Kozlova Yu.P., Veretenkin E.P., Logachev A.V., Logacheva A.I., Lednev I.S., Okunkova A.A.
Reactor Target from Metallic Chromium for "Pure" High-Intensity Artificial Neutrino Source

(eng, 408 Kb)
Dubnickova M., Kuzmina E.A., Chausov V.N., Ravnachka I., Boreyko A.V., Krasavin E.A.
The Effects of Lipid A on Gamma-Irradiated Human Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes In Vitro

(eng, 125 b)
Issue 3
Dydyshka Y.V., Yermolchyk V.L., Suarez J.G, Shumeiko N.M.
Results and Perspectives for Investigations of the Drell-Yan Process at the LHC

(rus, 624 b)
Kurochkin Yu.A., Kulchitsky Yu.A., Harkusha S.N., Russakovich N.A.
Hadron as Coherent State on the Horosphere of the Lobachevsky Momentum Space

(eng, 127 b)
Baryshevsky V.G., Rouba ..
Birefringence (Spin Rotation and Spin Dichroism) of High-Energy Deuterons

(rus, 140 b)
Kuvshinov V., Bagashov E.
Stochastic Vacuum of Quantum Chromodynamics as an Environment for Colour Particles

(rus, 87 b)
Kamenshchik A.Yu., Teryaev O.V.
Chaotic Spin Precession in Anisotropic Universes and Fermionic Dark Matter

(eng, 105 b)
Selyugin O.V.
High Energy Hadron Spin-Flip Amplitude

(eng, 223 b)
Aleksejevs A.G., Barkanova S.G., Bystritskiy Yu.M., Kuraev E.A., Zykunov V.A.
Two-Loop Electroweak Vertex Corrections for Polarized Moller Scattering

(eng, 150 b)
Sannikov A.V., Savitskaya E.N.
Statistical Model for Calculation of Light Particles Emission from Excited Nuclei

(eng, 671 b)
Choudhury Binayak S., Dhara Arpan
A Probabilistic Quantum Communication Protocol Using Mixed Entangled Channel

(eng, 100 )
Drnoyan J.R., Zhemenik V.I., Mishinsky G.V.
Isoscaling and Fission Modes in the Kr and Xe Isotope Yields at the Actinides Photofission

(rus, 205 b)
Kozlenko D.P., Kichanov S.E., Lukin E.V., Rutkauskas A.V., Belushkin A.V., Bokuchava G.D., Savenko B.N.
An Experimental Facility for Studies by Means of a Neutron Radiography and Tomography Methods on the Reactor IBR-2

(rus, 728 b)
Berlev A.I., Rodionov N.B., Tyutyunnikov S.I., Amosov V.N., Meshchaninov S.A., Yudin I.P.
The Measurement of the Neutron Flux Using Diamond Detector at the "Quinta" Setup

(rus, 394 b)
Filonenko A.D.
Radio Emission of Extensive Air Showers at Microwave Frequencies

(rus, 144 b)
Abu Al Azm S.M., Chelkov G., Kozhevnikov D., Guskov A., Lapkin A., Leyva Fabelo A., Smolyanskiy P., Zhemchugov A.
Response of Timepix Detector with GaAs:Cr and Si Sensors to Heavy Ions

(eng, 492 b)
Telezhnikov S.A., Granja C., Honzatko J., Pospisil S., Tomandl I.
Precise Determination of Neutron Binding Energy of 64Cu

(eng, 353 b)
Baldin A.A., Berlev A.I., Bradnova V., Butenko A.V., Kudashkin I.V., Fedorov A.N.
A Prototype of a Test Bench for Applied Research at Extracted Beams of Nuclotron Accelerator Complex

(rus, 450 b)
Brovko O., Grebentsov A., Morozov N., Syresin E., Yurkov M.
Diagnostic Technique Applied for FEL Electron Bunches

(eng, 300 b)
Khrushchinsky A.A., Kuten S.A., Viarenich K.A., Speransky Ph.A.
Application of Monte-Carlo Methods and Variational Procedure for Optimization of Time-of-Flight Neutron Diffractometer Characteristics

(rus, 335 b)
Makarevich K.O., Minenko V.F., Verenich K.A., Kuten S.A.
Application of the Monte-Carlo Method for Assessment of Patients' Tissue and Organ Doses in Dental Radiography

(rus, 481 b)
Issue 4
Nayak G.C.
Light-Like Wilson Line in QCD without Path Ordering

(eng, 145 b)
Gautam M.S.
Sub-Barrier Fusion Excitation Function Data and the Energy-Dependent Woods-Saxon Potential

(eng, 230 b)
Zarrinkamar S., Panahi H., Rezaei M.
The Generalized Coulomb Interactions for Relativistic Scalar Bosons

(eng, 121 b)
Mikheev S.A., Tsvetkov V.P.
Constraints on the Central Density and Chemical Composition of the White Dwarf RX J0648.0-4418 with a Record Period of Rotation in the Model with the Equation of State of an Ideal Degenerate Electron Gas

(rus, 321 b)
Kotb M.
U(5)-SU(3) Nuclear Shape Transition within the Interacting Boson Model Applied to Dysprosium Isotopes

(eng, 152 b)
Bogolubov N.N. Jr., Soldatov A.V.
Variational Master Equation Approach to Dynamics of Magnetic Moments

(eng, 114 b)
Artyushenko M.Yu., Baldin A.A., Berlev A.I., Bukhal O.V., Voronko V.A., Gusak K.V., Zhuk I.V., Kudashkin I.V., Paraipan M., Potapenko A.S., Safronova A.A., Sotnikov V.V., Tyutyunnikov S.I.
Experimental Study of Spallation Cross Sections for Heavy Metals Exposed to 2, 2.94, and 3.5 GeV/nucleon Deuterons

(rus, 338 b)
Tran Duc Thiep, Truong Thi An, Phan Viet Cuong, Nguyen The Vinh, Mishinski G.V., Zhemenik V.I.
On the Role of Energy Separated in Fission Process, Excitation Energy and Reaction Channels Effects in the Isomeric Ratios of Fission Product 135Xe in Photofission of Actinide Elements

(eng, 308 b)
Svirikhin A.I., Yeremin A.V., Izosimov I.N., Isaev A.V., Kuznetsov A.N., Malyshev O.N., Popeko A.G., Popov Yu.A., Sokol E.A., Chelnokov M.L., Chepigin V.I., Andel B., Asfari M.Z., Gall B., Yoshihiro N., Kalaninova Z., Mullins S., Piot J., Stefanova E., Tonev D.
Spontaneous Fission of 256Rf - New Data

(rus, 85 )
Zinchenko A.I., Murin Yu.A., Kondratiev V.P., Prokofyev N.A.
Simulation of the Internal Tracking System of NICA-MPD Setup

(rus, 1772 b)
Didyk A.Yu., Wisniewski R.
Properties of Carbon-Based Structures Synthesized in Nuclear Reactions under Braking gamma-Quanta Irradiation with Threshold Energy 10 MeV at 1.1 kbar Helium Gas Pressure

(rus, 1422 b)
Bystritsky V.M., Grozdanov D.N., Zontikov A.O., Kopatch Yu.N., Rogov Yu.N., Ruskov I.I., Sadovsky A.B., Skoy V.R., Barmakov Yu.N., Bogolubov E.P., Ryzhkov V.I., Yurkov D.I.
Angular Distribution of gamma-Quanta with Energy 4.43 MeV Followed by Inelastic Scattering of the Neutrons with Energy 14.1 MeV on 12C Nuclei

(rus, 553 b)
Shmatov M.L.
The Possibility to Increase the Efficiency of Neutron and Neutron-Photon Therapies with Metal Nonradioactive Nanoparticles

(rus, 130 b)
Maslov O.D.
Results of High-Temperature Processing of High-Carbon Materials from the Lower Cambrian Period of the Earth's History

(eng, 110 b)
Issue 5
XXV International Symposium
Becici, Budva, Montenegro, 28 September - 2 October 2015
Proceedings of the Symposium
Asbah N. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
A Hardware Fast Tracker for the ATLAS Trigger

(eng, 280 b)
Babkin V.A., Buryakov M.G., Golovatyuk V.M., Volgin S.V., Rumyantsev M.M.
Status of the Front-End Electronics for the Time-of-Flight Measurements in the MPD Experiment

(eng, 165 b)
Karetnikov M.D., Korotkov S.A., Khasaev T.O.
Multidetector System for Nanosecond Tagged Neutron Technology Based on Hardware Selection of Events

(eng, 330 b)
Mori T. on behalf of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Group
Phase-I Trigger Readout Electronics Upgrade of the ATLAS Liquid-Argon Calorimeters

(eng, 2.620 Mb)
Batenkov O.I., Bogoslovski D.N., Rogov V.Yu., Sergeev S.V., Yurevich V.I.
L0 Trigger Unit Prototype for BM@N Setup

(eng, 290 b)
Dimitrov L., Iaydjiev P., Mitev G., Vankov I.
Radiation Monitoring of the GEM Muon Detectors at CMS

(eng, 355 )
Subbotin V.G., Zubareva A.M., Voinov A.A., Zubarev A.N., Schlattauer L.
New Analog Electronics for the New Challenges in the Synthesis of Superheavy Elements

(eng, 147 b)
Qin Y. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
The Design and Performance of the ATLAS Inner Detector Trigger for Run 2

(eng, 145 b)
Tsyganov Yu.S.
New Trends in the Development of "Active Correlations" Technique

(eng, 330 b)
Gorbachev E.V., Andreev V.A., Kirichenko A.E., Monakhov D.V., Romanov S.V., Rukoyatkina T.V., Sedykh G.S., Volkov V.I.
The Nuclotron and NICA Control System Development Status

(eng, 130 kb)
Grebenyuk V., Boreiko V., Dmitrotsa A., Gorbunov N., Khrenov B., Klimov P., Lavrova M., Popescu E.M., Sabirov B., Tkachenko A., Tkachev L., Volvach A., Yashin I.
Ground-Based Complex for Checking the Optical System of the TUS Experiment

(eng, 670 kb)
Gorbachev E.V., Kirichenko A.E., Monakhov D.V., Romanov S.V., Volkov V.I.
Development of Tools for Real-Time Betatron Tune Measurements at the Nuclotron

(eng, 570 kb)
Motycak S., Rodin A.M., Novoselov A.S., Podshibyakin A.V., Krupa L., Belozerov A.V., Vedeneyev V.Yu., Gulyaev A.V., Gulyaeva A.V., Kliman J., Salamatin V.S., Stepantsov S.V., Chernysheva E.V., Yukhimchuk S.A., Komarov A.B., Kamas D.
A New Beam Diagnostic System for the MASHA Setup

(eng, 125 kb)
Levchanovskiy F.V., Murashkevich S.M.
DeLiDAQ-2D - A New Data Acquisition System for Position-Sensitive Neutron Detectors with Delay-Line Readout

(eng, 750 kb)
Novoselov A.S., Rodin A.M., Motycak S., Podshibyakin A.V., Krupa L., Belozerov A.V., Vedeneyev V.Yu., Gulyaev A.V., Gulyaeva A.V., Kliman J., Salamatin V.S., Stepantsov S.V., Chernysheva E.V., Yukhimchuk S.A., Komarov A.B., Kamas D.
Data Acquisition System for the Focal-Plane Detector of the Mass Separator MASHA

(eng, 2.200 Mb)
Gorbachev E.V., Kirichenko A.E., Sedykh G.S., Volkov V.I.
The Thermometry System of Superconducting Magnets Test Bench for the NICA Accelerator Complex

(eng, 1.010 Mb)
Zamriy V.N.
Host-Based Data Acquisition System to Control Pulsed Facilities of the Accelerator

(eng, 115 kb)
Andreev V., Volkov V., Gorbachev E., Isadov V., Kirichenko A., Romanov S., Sedykh G.
TANGO Standard Software to Control the Nuclotron Beam Slow Extraction

(eng, 1.010 Mb)
Balashov N., Baranov A., Korenkov V.
Optimization of Over-Provisioned Clouds

(eng, 105 kb)
Barberis D. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Evolution of the Use of Relational and NoSQL Databases in the ATLAS Experiment

(eng, 75 kb)
Bashashin M.V., Kekelidze D.V., Kostromin S.A., Korenkov V.V., Kuniaev S.V., Morozov V.V., Potrebenikov Yu.K., Trubnikov G.V., Philippov A.V.
NICA Project Management Information System

(eng, 85 kb)
Favareto A. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Use of the Hadoop Structured Storage Tools for the ATLAS EventIndex Event Catalogue

(eng, 63 kb)
Filozova I.A., Bashashin M.V., Korenkov V.V., Kuniaev S.V., Musulmanbekov G., Semenov R.N., Shestakova G.V., Strizh T.A., Ustenko P.V., Zaikina T.N.
Concept of JINR Corporate Information System

(eng, 530 kb)
Furano F., Keeble O., Field L.
Dynamic Federation of Grid and Cloud Storage

(eng, 430 kb)
Gertsenberger K.V.
The Unified Database for the Fixed Target Experiment BM@N

(eng, 410 kb)
Karlov A.A.
Virtualization in Education: Information Security Lab in Your Hands

(eng, 68 kb)
Cheremisina E.N., Lyubimova A.V., Kirpicheva E.Yu.
New Technologies of 2D and 3D Modeling for Analysis and Management of Natural Resources

(eng, 50 kb)
De K., Jha S., Klimentov A.A., Maeno T., Mashinistov R.Yu., Nilsson P., Novikov A.M., Oleynik D.A., Panitkin S.Yu., Poyda A.A., Read K.F., Ryabinkin E.A., Teslyuk A.B., Velikhov V.E., Wells J.C., Wenaus T.
Integration of PanDA Workload Management System with Supercomputers

(eng, 440 kb)
Kouzinopoulos C.S., Hristov P.
Performing Track Reconstruction at the ALICE TPC Using a Fast Hough Transform Method

(eng, 155 kb)
Krasnopevtsev D.V., Klimentov A.A., Mashinistov R.Yu., Belyaev N.L., Ryabinkin E.A. on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Study of ATLAS TRT Performance with Grid and Supercomputers

(eng, 131 kb)
Demichev A.P., Kryukov A.P.
Design of Web Platform for Science and Engineering in the Model of Open Market

(eng, 226 kb)
Kundrat J., Adam M., Adamova D., Chudoba J., Kouba T., Lokajivcek M., Mikula A., Rikal V., Svec J., Vohnout R.
Grids and Clouds in the Czech NGI

(eng, 60 kb)
Baranov A.V., Balashov N.A., Kutovskiy N.A., Semenov R.N.
JINR Cloud Infrastructure Evolution

(eng, 165 kb)
Lamanna M.
Large-Scale Data Services for Science: Present and Future Challenges

(eng, 145 kb)
Kvatadze R., Modebadze Z.
Network and Computing Infrastructure for Scientific Applications in Georgia

(eng, 323 kb)
Bogatencov P.P., Secrieru G.V., Degteariov N.V., Iliuha N.P.
Scientific Computing Infrastructure and Services in Moldova

(eng, 162 kb)
Alekseev A.A., Osipova V.V., Ivanov M.A., Klimentov A., Grigorieva N.V., Nalamwar H.S.
Efficient Data Management Tools for the Heterogeneous Big Data Warehouse

(eng, 65 kb)
Korenkov V.V., Nechaevskiy A.V., Ososkov G.A., Pryahina D.I., Trofimov V.V., Uzhinskiy A.V.
Simulation Concept of NICA-MPD-SPD TIER0-TIER1 Computing Facilities

(eng, 502 kb)
Belov S.D., Deng Z.Y., Korenkov V.V., Li W.D., Lin T., Ma Z.T., Nicholson C., Pelevanyuk I.S., Suo B., Trofimov V.V., Tsaregorodtsev A.U., Uzhinskiy A.V., Yan T., Yan X.F., Zhang X.M., Zhemchugov A.S.
BES-III Distributed Computing Status

(eng, 64 kb)
Pepelyshev Yu.N., Tsogtsaikhan Ts., Ososkov G.A.
Application of Cluster Analysis and Autoregressive Neural Networks for the Noise Diagnostics of the IBR-2M Reactor

(eng, 204 kb)
Petrosyan A.Sh.

(eng, 105 kb)
Slepov I.P.
Creating Interactive Video Broadcasting System for VBLHEP

(eng, 86 kb)
Astakhov N.S., Baginyan A.S., Belov S.D., Dolbilov A.G., Golunov A.O., Gorbunov I.N., Gromova N.I., Kadochnikov I.S., Kashunin I.A., Korenkov V.V., Mitsyn V.V., Pelevanyuk I.S., Shmatov S.V., Strizh T.., Tikhonenko E.., Trofimov V.V., Voitishin N.N., Zhiltsov V.E.
JINR Tier-1 Centre for the CMS Experiment at LHC

(eng, 200 kb)
Gavrilov V., Golutvin I., Kodolova O., Korenkov V., Levchuk L., Shmatov S., Tikhonenko E., Zhiltsov V.
Status of RDMS CMS Computing

(eng, 85 kb)
Tokareva N.A., Tyatyushkina O.Yu., Cheremisina E.N.
E-Learning as a Technological Tool to Meet the Requirements of Occupational Standards in Training of IT Specialists

(eng, 46 kb)
Sharmazanashvili A., Tsutskiridze N.
Simulation Loop between CAD Systems, Geant4, and Geomodel: Implementation and Results

(eng, 707 kb)
Issue 6
Volkov V.V., Cherepanov E.A., Kalandarov Sh.A.
Interpretation of the Mechanism of Spontaneous Fission of Heavy Nuclei in the Framework of Dinuclear System Conception

(eng, 153 kb)
Avrorin A.V., Avrorin A.D., Aynutdinov V.M., Bannash R., Belolaptikov I.A., Bogorodsky D.Yu., Brudanin V.B., Budnev N.M., Gaponenko O.N., Gafarov A.R., Golubkov K.V., Honz Z., Gress T.I., Danilchenko I.A., Dzhilkibaev Zh.-A.M., Domogatsky G.V., Doroshenko A.A., Dyachok A.N., Zhukov V.A., Zagorodnikov A.V., Zurbanov V.L., Kebkal K.G., Kebkal O.G., Kozhin V.A., Konischev K.V., Korobchenko A.V., Koshel F.K., Koshechkin A.P., Kulepov V.F., Kuleshov D.A., Ljashuk V.I., Milenin M.B., Mirgazov R.R., Osipova E.A., Panfilov A.I., Pan'kov L.V., Pliskovsky E.N., Rozanov M.I., Rjabov E.V., Skurihin A.V., Smagina A.A., Suvorova O.V., Tabolenko V.A., Tarashansky B.A., Fialkovsky S.V., Shaybonov B.A., Sheifler A.A., Shelepov M.D., Yakovlev S.A.
The Optical Module of Baikal-GVD

(rus, 892 kb)
Belyakov A.A., Bulavin M.V., Verkhoglyadov A.E., Skuratov V.A., Smelyansky I.A., Kulikov S.A., Kustov A.A., Mukhin K.A., Lyubimtsev A.A., Sirotin A.P., Shirokov V.K., Petukhova T.B.
Investigating the Cherenkov Light Lateral Distribution Function for Primary Proton and Iron Nuclei in Extensive Air Showers

(rus, 1290 kb)
Perepelkin E.E., Polyakova R.V., Kovalenko A.D., Nyanina L.A., Sysoev P.N., Sadovnikova M.B., Yudin I.P.
Estimation of Magnetic Field Growth and Construction of Adaptive Mesh in Corner Domain for Magnetostatic Problem

(eng, 212 kb)
Syresin E.M., Morozov N.A.
Simulations of Superconducting Ion Gantry

(rus, 235 kb)



A. E. Dorokhov

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A. V. Bednyakov (Scientific Editor),
A. V. Boreyko,
S. N. Ershov,
E.-M. Ilgenfritz,
M. G. Itkis (Deputy Editors-In-Chief),
V. V. Ivanov,
V. P. Ladygin,
G. G. Musulmanbekov,
D. V. Naumov,
S. N. Nedelko (Deputy Editors-In-Chief),
A. G. Olchevski,
D. V. Peshekhonov (Deputy Editors-In-Chief),
G. D. Shirkov,
V. N. Shvetsov,
S. I. Sidorchuk,
E. M. Syresin

Head of the Editorial Office

G. V. Fedorova

Tel.: (49621) 6-26-50
e-mail: pepan@jinr.ru
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