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Particles and Nuclei, Letters
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The journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters, brief name Particles and Nuclei, Letters, publishes the articles with results of the original theoretical, experimental, scientific-technical, methodical and applied research. Subject-matter of articles covers the principal fields of research at JINR: theoretical physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic nuclear physics, nuclear physics and related problems in other branches of physics, neutron physics, condensed matter physics, physics and technique at low temperature, physics and technique of accelerators, physical experimental instruments and methods, physical computer experiments, applied research in these branches of physics and radiology, ecology and nuclear medicine. The journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei, Letters is translated and published in English in MAIK "Nauka/Interperiodica" from 2004.

Archive (1984-2022) Editorial board Guidance for Authors

Year 2023, issues: 1, 2, 3, 4

Issue 1
Popov D. V., Skorokhvatov M. D.
The Model for Conversion of Fission Products Beta Spectra of Uranium and Plutonium Isotopes into Antineutrino Spectra

(rus, 362 Kb)
Galsandorj E., Chagdaa S., Purev B.
Color Screening from Flux Tube in (2+1)-Flavour QCD

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Devi S., Kumar R.
Investigation of Single Proton Knockout from 26P Nucleus on 9Be Target at 65 MeV/Nucleon Beam Energy

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Sorokovikov M. N., Morozova A. D., Sinegovskaya T. S., Sinegovsky S. I.
Cross-Energy and Anisotropy of the «Prompt» Atmospheric Neutrino and Muon Fluxes

(rus, 706 Kb)
Alekseev B. A., Vukolov A. V., Konusov F. V., Pavlov S. K., Potylitsyn A. P., Uglov S. R., Cherepennikov Yu. M., Shevelev M. V., Burachenko A. G.
Cherenkov Radiators Based on Diamond and Corundum Crystals

(rus, 399 Kb)
Lyapin I. D., Karamyshev O. V., Maslov. V. A., Shakhov. A. V.
Calculation of the Magnet of the MAVR Spectrometer and Proposals for Its Modernization

(rus, 462 Kb)
Baranov G. N., Dorokhova D. V., Levichev E. B., Nikitin S. A.
Modeling Coupling and Its Correction in Siberian Circular Photon Source

(rus, 756 Kb)
Bulavin M. V., Galushko A. V., Yskakov A., Dorofeev P. A., Podlesnyy M. M., Mukhin K. A., Skuratov V. A.
Tests of the Prototype Chamber of the Cryogenic Moderator of the Compact Neutron Source DARIA

(rus, 853 Kb)
Zamulaeva I. A., Matchuk O. N., Selivanova E. I., Yakimova A. O., Mosina V. A., Koryakin S. N., Kaprin A. D., Boreyko A. V., Bugay A. N., Chausov V. N., Krasavin E. A.
Radiobiological Effects of the Combined Action of 1-β-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine and Proton Radiation on B16 Melanoma In Vivo

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Issue 2
Bondarenko S. G., Dydyshka Ya. V., Kalinovskaya L. V., Sadykov R. R., Yermolchyk V. L.
EW One-Loop Corrections to the Longitudinally Polarized Drell–Yan Scattering. I. The Neutral Current Case

(rus, 358 Kb)
Zalikhanov B. Zh.
Critical Point for the Transition of an Electron Avalanche to a Streamer

(rus, 922 Kb)
Bagmutov A. S., Trifanova E. S., Popov I. Yu.
Resonator with a Corrugated Boundary: Numerical Results

(rus, 140 Kb)
Boumali A., Korichi N.
On the Thermal Properties of the One-Dimensional Space Fractional Duffin–Kemmer–Petiau Oscillator

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Rouabhia T. I., Boumali A., Hassanabadi H.
Effect of the Acceleration of the Rindler Spacetime on the Statistical Properties of the Klein–Gordon Oscillator in One Dimension

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Bunakov V. E., Penionzhkevich Yu. E.
Direct Reactions in Heavy-Ion Collisions

(rus, 197 Kb)
Kirilov A. S., Murashkevich S. M.
Adaptation of the Sonix+ Software Package to Work with DAQ Controllers DeLiDAQ-2 and Digitizer N6730 by CAEN

(rus, 528 Kb)
Bryzgunov M. I., Bubley A. V., Denisov A. P., Petrozhitskiy A. V., Reva V. B., Urazov E.
Beam Profile Measurement of Electron Gun Prototype for NICA Collider Electron Cooling System

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Lyablin M. V., Klemeshov Yu. V.
Laser Power Stabilization in a Precision Laser Inclinometer

(rus, 1.182.573 Kb)
Potylitsyn A. P., Gogolev S. Yu.
Polarization of Vavilov–Cherenkov Radiation in Violation of Axial Symmetry of the Process

(rus, 428 Kb)
Borin V. M., Dorokhov V. L., Meshkov O. I.
Study of the Influence of Longitudinal Impedance on the Duration of an Electron Bunch in the VEPP-4M Collider

(rus, 518 Kb)
Butenko A. V., Zrelov P. V., Korenkov V. V., Kostromin S. A., Nikiforov D. N., Reshetnikov A. G., Semashko S. V., Trubnikov G. V., Ulyanov S. V.
Intelligent System for Remote Control of Liquid Nitrogen Pressure and Flow in the Cryogenic System of Superconducting Magnets: Hardware and Software Platform

(rus, 1.177.135 Kb)
Ayryan E. A., Gambaryan M. M., Malykh M. D., Sevastyanov L. A.
On the Trajectories of Dynamic Systems Lying on the Hypersurfaces of Linear Systems

(rus, 107.330 Kb)
Yas R. M.
Minimizing the Radiation Hazard in Biological Tissues Using the Mixture of (Silver–Gold) Nanoparticles

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Issue 3
Myagkov A. G.
Recent Results from LHC Experiments

(rus, 858 Kb)
Olshevskiy A.
Neutrino Oscillation Study Results and Search for Neutrino Sterile States

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Postnov K. À., Mitichkin N. À.
Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Astrophysical and Cosmological Inferences

(rus, 164 Kb)
Serebrov A. P., Samoylov R. M., Tchaikovsky M. E., Zherebtsov O. M.
Comparison of the Result of the Neutrino-4 Experiment with other Experiments and the Cosmological Constraint on a Sterile Neutrino

(rus, 1.290 Kb)
Dobrev V. K.
Einstein Manifold of Pseudo-Orthogonal Group and Invariant Differential Operators

Abstracts (eng, 28 Kb)
Demidov S., Farkhtdinov B., Levkov D.
Numerical Study of Multiparticle Production in λφ4 Theory

Abstracts (eng, 43 Kb)
Fitkevich M. D.
Non-Singular Dilaton Gravity to Resolve Information Paradox

(rus, 1.244 Kb)
Iakhibbaev R. M., Tolkachev D. M.
Exact Four-Point Amplitudes in Various Fishnet Theories

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Derkachev S. E., Isaev A. P., Shumilov L. A.
Zig-Zag Diagrams and Conformal Triangles

(rus, 164 Kb)
Kotikov A. V.
Sunrise Integral in Non-Relativistic QCD with Elliptics

(rus, 28 Kb)
Makeenko Yu.
What Quantum Strings Can Tell Us about Quantum Gravity

Abstracts (eng, 28 Kb)
Marachevsky V. N.
The Casimir Effect for Diffraction Gratings, Symmetry Breaking and Geometric Transitions

Abstracts (eng, 126 Kb)
Gubarev K. À., Musaev E. Ò.
Generalizing Generalized Supergravity

(rus, 114 Kb)
Volkov M. K., Pivovarov A. A., Nurlan K.
Processes τ → (a1 π, K1π, K1 K) ντ and e+e- → (a1 π, K1 K) in the NJL Mode

(rus, 144 Kb)
Shirokov I. E.
Multiloop Calculations inN = 1 SQED with Nf Flavours Regularized by Higher Derivatives

(rus, 105 Kb)
Volobuev I. P., Egorov V. O., Smolyakov M. N.
Canonical Quantization of a Massive Scalar Field in the Schwarzschild Space-Time

(rus, 136 Kb)
Soloviev V. O.
Canonical Bigravity

(rus, 111 Kb)
Sarkissian G. A., Spiridonov V. P.
Elliptic and Complex Hypergeometric Integrals in Quantum Field Theory

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Tarasov O. V.
Calculation of One-Loop Integrals for Four-Photon Amplitudes by Functional Reduction Method

(rus, 116 Kb)
Tolkachev D. M., Kazakov D. I., Iakhibbaev R. M.
Quantum Corrections to the Effective Potential in Generalised Scalar Field Models

(rus, 116 Kb)
Mikhailov S. V., Volchanskiy N.
Renormalon-Chain Contributions to Two-Point Correlators of Nonlocal Quark Currents

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Buchbinder I., Ivanov E., Zaigraev N.
Unconstrained N = 2 Higher-Spin Gauge Superfields and Their Hypermultiplet Couplings

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Achasov N. N., Kiselev A. V., Shestakov G. N.
Four-Quark Nature of Light Scalar Mesons

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Afonin S., Solomko T.
Confinement Potential in Soft Wall Holographic Approach to QCD

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Aleshko A. Ì., Boos E. E., Bunichev V. E., Dudko L. V.
Comparison of Constraints on Wilson Coefficients of Dimension-Six EFT Operators Obtained from Processes of Three- and Four-Top-Quark Production

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Anikin I. V.
A New Type of k-Dependent Parton Distributions

Abstracts (eng, 28 Kb)
Boos E. E., Bunichev V. E.
Unitary Limitations of the SMEFT Approach in Describing New Physics in the Processes of Single Top Quark Production

(rus, 199 Kb)
Danilina A. V., Nikitin N. V.
Rare Decays of Neutral B Mesons into Four Charged Leptons in the Standard Model

(rus, 403 Kb)
Fadin V. S.
Regge Cuts in QCD

(rus, 148 Kb)
Ganbold G.
Radiative Transitions of Charmoniums within the Covariant Confined Quark Model

Abstracts (eng, 36 Kb)
Godunov S. I.
Charged Particle Pair Production in pp Scattering: Survival Factor and Semi-Inclusive Processes

Abstracts (eng, 27 Kb)
Issadykov A., Ivanov M. A.
Anomalies in Weak Decays of b-Hadrons

(rus, 379 Kb)
Karpishkov A. V., Saleev V. A.
On Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetries in D-Meson Production at the SPD NICA Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Kisselev A. V.
BSM Physics at Future Lepton Colliders

(rus, 258 Kb)
Faustov R. N., Martynenko A. P., Martynenko F. A.
Pair Quarkonium Production in Higgs Boson Decay

(rus, 142 Kb)
Martynenko F. A., Korobov V. I., Martynenko A. P., Faustov R. N., Eskin A. V.
Energy Levels of Three-Particle Muon-Electronic Ions

(rus, 96 Kb)
Efimova A. Yu., Nikitin N. V.
Classicality Test in the Neutral B0s¯B0s Pairs

(rus, 881 Kb)
Parkhomenko A. Ya., Wang W.
Tetraquark Interpretation of Yb (10753) and Its Production at the LHC

Abstracts (eng, 41 Kb)
Petrov V. A.
On Asymptotic Universality of Strong Interactions at Large Distances

Abstracts (eng, 27 Kb)
Saleev V. A., Chernyshev A. A.
Pair Production of J/ψ in the Color Evaporation Model and the Parton Reggeization Approach

(rus, 219 Kb)
Selyugin O. V.
Hadron Interaction at Large Distances and New Features of Differential Cross Sections at the Large Hadron Collider Energies

(rus, 280 Kb)
Saleev V. À., Shipilova A. V.
Double Longitudinal-Spin Asymmetries in Direct Photon Production at NICA

(rus, 202 Kb)
Yarkov A. A., Rumyantsev D. A.
Solution of the Kinetic Equation Taking into Account Resonance of the Compton Process in a Magnetized Medium

(rus, 96 Kb)
Baznat M., Teryaev O. V., Zinchenko A. V.
Polarization of Λ-Hyperons in Gold Nucleus Collisions at NICA Energies

(rus, 867 Kb)
Arbuzov A. B., Voznaya U. E.
Electron Parton Distribution Function

(rus, 103 Kb)
Aref’eva I. Ya., Volovich I. V.
Quantum Explosions of Black Holes

(rus, 33 Kb)
Biryukov A. A.
Equation for the Probability of Quantum Transitions in the Method of Path Integrals and Stochastic Processes in the Space of Joint Events

(rus, 97 Kb)
Borisov A. V.
Radiation of an Electron in a Lorentz-Violating Vacuum

(rus, 97 Kb)
Prokhorov G. Yu., Teryaev O. V., Zakharov V. I.
On a Search for a Gravitational Chiral Anomaly outside Curved Space-Time

(rus, 115 Kb)
Aref’eva I. Ya., Rannu K. A., Slepov P. S.
Dense QCD in Magnetic Field

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Rogalev R. N., Bornyakov V. G., Gerasimeniuk N. V., Goy V. A., Korneev A. A., Molochkov A. V., Nakamura A.
Roberge–Weiss Transition in the Lee–Yang Approach

(rus, 432 Kb)
Pukhov T. À., Rumyantsev D. À., Yarkov A. À.
The Double Compton Process in a Strongly Magnetized Plasma

(rus, 128 Kb)
Kopchinskii I. D., Satunin P. S.
Resonant Generation of High-Order Harmonics in Nonlinear Electrodynamics

Abstracts (eng, 39 Kb)
Zakharov V. I., Teryaev O. V., Prokhorov G. Yu.
Quantum and Classical Local P-Violation

Abstracts (eng, 30 Kb)
Dubinin M. N., Fedotova E. Yu., Kazarkin D. M.
Cosmological Constraints for Three Generations See-Saw Mechanism of keV Sterile Neutrinos

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Dvornikov M. S.
Neutrino Spin and Flavor Oscillations in Gravitational Fields

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Kondratyev V. N., Khor’kova N. G., Cherubini S.
Supernova Dynamo Effect in Neutrino Spectra and Perspective of Observations by Large Volume Telescopes

Abstracts (eng, 34 Kb)
Lobanov A. E., Chukhnova A. V.
Discrete Symmetries in Neutrino Oscillations in a Dense Medium and an Electromagnetic Field

(rus, 112 Kb)
Das C. R.
The Evolution of the Majorana Neutrino Mass Renormalization Group in the Super-Weak Theory

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Volobuev I. P., Egorov V. O.
Quantum Field-Theoretical Description of Neutrino Oscillation in Terms of Distance-Dependent Propagators

(rus, 120 Kb)
Avdeev N. A., Toporensky A. V.
Inflation in Scalar-Tensor Theory with Nonminimal Kinetic Coupling

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Berezin V. A., Dokuchaev V. I.
Weyl Geometry, Particle Production and Induced Gravity

Abstracts (eng, 31 Kb)
Beylin V., Bezuglov M.
Can the Multicomponent Dark Matter Be Visible Due to the Inner Luminescence?

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Dyadina P. I.
Polarization of Gravitational Waves in Hybrid Metric-Palatini f(R)-Gravity

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Ivanova I. D.
Spherically Symmetric Black Holes and Physical Vacuum

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Pukhov A. E.
Recasting of Direct Detection Experiments

(rus, 389 Kb)
Paston S. A., Kapustin A. D.
Gravity as Embedding Theory and Distribution of Matter in Galaxies

(rus, 107 Kb)
Kubarko E. P., Pronin P. I.
Spiral Structure of Galaxies in Generalised Gravitational Theories

Abstracts (eng, 30 Kb)
Silenko A. J.
Manifestation of Dark Matter Axions in Spin Effects in Storage Rings

Abstracts (eng, 35 Kb)
Fursaev D. V., Davydov E. A., Tainov V. A.
A Note on Stress-Energy Tensor and Variational Principle for Null Strings

Abstracts (eng, 33 Kb)
Boos E. E., Bunichev V. E., Trykov S. S.
Prospects for Leptophilic Scalar and Dark Photon Search at the Super c-Tau Factory

(rus, 501 Kb)
Zakharov A. F.
The Galactic Center and M87*: Observations and Their Interpretations

(rus, 139 Kb)
Sowmya N., Manjunatha H. C., Sridhar K. N., Damodara Gupta P. S., Dhanajaya N.
Competition between Cluster and Alpha Decay in Even Atomic Number Superheavy Nuclei 110⩽ Z ⩽ 126

Abstracts (eng, 48 Kb)
Issue 4
XIV International Scientific Workshop in Memory of Professor V.P. Sarantsev «PROBLEMS OF COLLIDERS AND CHARGED PARTICLE ACCELERATORS»
Alushta, Crimea, Russia, September 20–25, 2022
Abdulov N. A., Kotikov A. V., Lipatov A. V.
Gluon Density in the Rescaling Model

Abstracts (eng, 27 Kb)
Fedoruk S. A.
Supersymmetrization of the 3-Particle Elliptic Calogero Model

(rus, 119 Kb)
Maslov V. M.
Prompt Fission Neutron Spectra of 240Pu(n,F), 239Pu(n,F), and 238U(n,F)

(rus, 1.273.548 Kb)
Singh Y. P., Kumar V., Shukla A., Jain P., Kumar Y., Sapra R., Rohtash B., Jha K., Verma T., Silarski M., Sharma S.
Systematic Study of Gamma-Decay Hindrance Factors

Abstracts (eng, 38 Kb)
Kumar R., Sharma S.
New Perspective in the Use of Power Index Formula for Level Energies

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Zheng-Yuan Fang, Ya-Rong Wang, Cheng-Qun Pang
Q¯Q (Q ∈ {b, c}) Spectroscopy Using the Modified Rovibrational Model

Abstracts (eng, 37 Kb)
Bondarenko S., Yurev S.
Relativistic One-Nucleon Exchange for the Proton—Deuteron Backward Scattering

(rus, 429 Kb)
Buchbinder I. L., Isaev A. P., Podoinitsyn M. A., Fedoruk S. A.
Generalized Wigner Operators and Relativistic Gauge Fields

(rus, 172 Kb)
Sheremetev A. D., Kolozhvari A. A., Dementev D. V., Shitenkov M. O., Murin Yu.
The Quality Assurance Test System for Assembly of STS Modules for the BM@N Experiment

Abstracts (eng, 32 Kb)
Elsha V. V., Korolev M. G., Dementev D. V., Igolkin S. N., Sukhov N. V., Sheremetev A. D., Shitenkov M. O., Voronin A. L., Murin Yu. A.
Assembly Device for the Supermodules of the Silicon Tracking System of BM@N Experiment

(rus, 1.323.508 Kb)
Bezbakh A. A., Belogurov S. G., Chudoba V., Fomichev A. S., Gorshkov A. V., Grigorenko L. V., Kaminski G., Khirk M. S., Knyazev A. G., Krupko S. A., Mauyey B., Muzalevskii I. A., Nikolskii E. Yu., Quynh A. M., Sharov P. G., Slepnev R. S., Stepantsov S. V., Ter-Akopian G. M., Wolski R.
Detector Array for the 7H Nucleus Multi-Neutron Decay Study

Abstracts (eng, 42 Kb)
Kurganov A. A., Vasilev O. A., Karmanov D. E., Kovalev I. M., Panov A. D., Podorozhnyi D. M., Slivin A. A., Syresin E. M., Turundaevskiy A. N., Filatov G. A., Shulga A. V.
Fragmentation of Cosmic Ray Nuclei and Its Experimental Investigation

(rus, 730 Kb)
Brovko O. I., Volodin A. A., Grebentsov A. Yu., Prozorov O. V., Syresin E. M., Sidorin A. O.
Investigation of the Modes of Operation of Booster—Nuclotron RF Synchrotron Systems When Optimizing the Capture and Acceleration of Carbon Ion Beams

(rus, 289 Kb)
Verhoglyadov A. E.
Motion Equation of Temperature Induced Plane Transverse Vibrations of a Rod. Numerical-Analytical Solution

(rus, 278 Kb)
Frank A. I., Kulin G. V., Zakharov M. A.
On the New Possibility of Pulse Accumulation of UCN in a Trap

(rus, 106 Kb)
Kirilov A. S., Truntova L. A.
Enhancement of Experiment Control in the Sonix+ Software Package

(rus, 359 Kb)
Dedovich T. G., Tokarev M. V.
Criteria of Background Suppression in Fractal Analysis of Monte Carlo Au–Au Events at Energy √sNN = 200 GeV

(rus, 744 Kb)
Boreyko A. V., Zadneprianetc M. G., Chausov V. N., Hramco T. S., Kozhina R. A., Kuzmina E. A., Tiounchik S. I., Krasavin E. A.
Combined Action of DNA Synthesis Inhibitors and Accelerated Protons on Malignant Tumor Cells

(rus, 1.050 Kb)
Benameur Y., Tahiri M., Mkimel M., El Baydaoui R., El Hariri B., Mesradi M. R., Hilali A., Elmadani S.
Fetal Organ Dose Assessment during Chest CT Examination Using Monte Carlo/Gate Simulation

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Batov A. A., Bondarenko T. V., Zbruev R. A., Gusarova M. A., Lalayan M. V., Shashkov Ya. V., Polozov S. M.
Development and Optimization of Accelerating Structure of S-Band and Power Input Device of Radiation Therapy Facility

(rus, 1.281 Kb)
Belikov O. V., Aktershev Yu. S., Baranov G. N., Vinnik D. S., Gorchakov K. M., Gurov S. M., Karnaev S. E., Krylov A. A., Morsin A. A., Piminov P. A., Pureskin D. N., Senkov D. V., Singatulin Sh. R., Sinyatkin S. V., Chernyakin A. D.
Magnet Power Supply System for the SRF «SKIF» Storage Ring

(rus, 132 Kb)
Blinov M. F., Koop I. A., Vostrikov V. A., Khlystov D. A., Eliseev V. S.
Resonant Slow Extraction from Ion Synchrotron for Technological Applications

(rus, 308 Kb)
Bukharov A. V., Bukharova M. A., Vishnevsky E. V.
The Prospects of the Cryogenic Target Complex Development of FAIR Accelerator

(rus, 308 Kb)
Bulgacheva M. M., Shashkov Ya. V., Gorchakov A. A., Gusarova M. A., Lalayan M. V.
Development of a Power Input Device for IH-Type Resonators

(rus, 228 Kb)
Bykov T. A., Taskaev S. Yu.
Automation of Physical Experiments on the Accelerating Neutron Source

(rus, 562 Kb)
Chernyaev A. P., Lykova E. N.
Actual Nuclear Physics Research for Medicine

(rus, 2.063 Kb)
Drozdovsky A. À., Drozdovsky S. À., Kantsyrev A. V., Savin S. M., Volkov V. A., Panyushkin V. A., Khurchiev A. O.
Determination of Time and Energy Parameters of an Electron Beam of a High-Current Pulse Gun

(rus, 2.063 Kb)
Durkin A. P., Kolomiets A. A., Ovchinnikova L. Yu., Paramonov V. V.
Features of Particle Dynamics and Predicted Final Electrodynamic Characteristics for Short Accelerating Resonators in a Low Energy Ion Accelerator

(rus, 238 Kb)
Emanov F. A., Astrelina K. V., Balakin V. V., Belikov O. V., Berkaev D. E., Boimelshtain Yu. M., Bolkhovityanov D. Yu., Frolov A. R., Karpov G. V., Kasaev A. S., Kondakov A. A., Kurkin G. Ya., Lapik R. M., Lebedev N. N., Levichev A. E., Maltseva Yu. I., Murasev A. A., Samoylov S. L., Vasiliev S. V., Martynovsky A. Yu., Motygin S. V., Pilan A. M., Tribendis A. G., Pavlenko A.V., Kotov E. S., Arsentyeva M. V.
VEPP-5 Injection Complex

(rus, 281 Kb)
Meshkov I. N., Eseev M. K., Kuziv I. V., Kostin A. A., Sidorin A. ,A., Orlov O. S.
Vacancy Determination in Single-Crystal Diamond Plates Using the Method of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy

(rus, 769 Kb)
Lebedev N. I., Petuhov A. S., Fateev A. A.
The Use of Thyristor Switches in the Nuclotron Booster Inflector Plates Power Supply

(rus, 769 Kb)
Filatov G. À., Slivin A. A., Syresin E. M., Butenko A. V., Vorozhtsov A. S., Agapov A. V., Shipulin K. N., Kolesnikov S. Yu., Galimov A. R., Tikhomirov A. M., Tyulkin V. I., Donets D. E., Letkin D. S., Leushin D. O., Tuzikov A. V., Baldin A. A., Korovkin D. S., Timoshenko G. N., Kulevoy T. V., Titarenko Yu. E., Bobrovskiy D. V., Chumakov A. I., Soloviev S. A., Kubankin A. S., Firsov D. G., Kubankin Yu. S., Chernykh P. N., Osipov S. V., Serenkov E. G., Chetverikov S. A.
NICA Beamlines and Stations for Applied Research

(rus, 281 Kb)
Getmanov Ya. V., Borin V. M., Vinokurov N. A., Ma X., Maltseva Yu. I., Meshkov O. I., Shevchenko O. A.
Experiments on the Short X-Ray Pulse Generation at the Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser Facility

(rus, 278 Kb)
Isaev A. A., Vovchenko E. D., Kozlovskij K. I., Shikanov A. E.
Simulation of a Small-Sized Diode Deuteron Accelerator with Pulsed Magnetic Isolation

(rus, 222 Kb)
Ivanenko I. A., Kazarinov N. Yu., Lisov V. I.
Simulation and Design of Passive Magnetic Channel of DC140 Cyclotron Extraction System

(rus, 447 Kb)
Belikov O. V., Bekhtenev E. A., Dementev E. N., Karpov G. V.
Tune Measurement System of the «SKIF» Booster

(rus, 653 Kb)
Kazarinov N. Yu., Lisov V. I., Bekhterev V. V., Bogomolov S. L., Gulbekyan G. G., Zabanov A. S., Ivanenko I. A., Kalagin I. V., Mitrofanov S. V., Osipov N. F., Semin V. A.
Injection System of the DC-140 Cyclotron of FLNR JINR

(rus, 532 Kb)
Kirtsev D. V., Akimova A. A., Galchuk A. V., Klopenkov R. M., Mudrolyubov V. G., Osina Yu. K.
Design Features of Acceleration and Extraction Systems of Multicharged Ion Beams

(rus, 235 Kb)
Klimansky D. I., Arkharov I. A., Shandov M. M., Piyadin S. M.
Influence of the Magnetic Field on the Operation of the GM Cryorefrigerator of the Liquid-Hydrogen Target of the BM@N Facility

(rus, 420 Kb)
Korobitsina M. Yu., Tuzikov A. V., Shandov M. M.
The Beam Injection into Booster of the NICA Accelerator Complex

(rus, 403 Kb)
Koshkarev A. M., Taskaev S. Yu.
Development and Implementation of an Automation System for an Accelerator-Based Neutron Source for Neutron Capture Therapy

(rus, 1.129 Kb)
Krylov A. A., Dmitriev M. S., Belikov O. V., Singatulin Sh. R., Morsin A. A., Vinnik D. S.
Pulse Power Supply System for Solenoidal Lenses of Linear Induction Accelerator LIA-20

(rus, 401 Kb)
Kurakin V. G.
Use of the Phenomena and Laws of Stochastic Electron Optics for the Formation and Monitoring of Charged Particles Beams

(rus, 126 Kb)
Lachynov S. B., Vinokurov N. A., Getmanov Ya. V.
Development of a 540-Degree Magnetic Buncher Based on Permanent Magnets

(rus, 85 Kb)
Lisov V. I., Zabanov A. S., Ivanenko I. A., Ivanov G. N., Kalagin I. V., Kazarinov N. Yu., Kirilkin N. S., Mitrofanov S. V., Osipov N. F., Semin V. A.
Beam Transport Lines for Multipurpose Applied Science at DC-140 Cyclotron

(rus, 630 Kb)
Agapov N. N., Bulakh A. P., Emelyanov A. E., Konstantinov A. V., Kunyaev M. S., Mitrofanova Iu. A., Smirnov A. E., Shvidkiy D. S.
The Operation Results of the VBLHEP Cryogenic Complex: The Booster–Nuclotron Session Run

(rus, 278 Kb)
Morsin A. A., Vinnik D. S., Belikov O. V., Singatulin Sh. R., Dovzhenko B. A., Krylov A. A., Dmitriev M. S.
Power Supplies for the Correction Electromagnets of the Injection Complex of the SRF «SKIF»

(rus, 378 Kb)
Osina Yu. K., Andreeva Z. A., Galchuck A. V., Stogov Yu. I.
Calculation of the Central Region of the Multicharged Ion Cyclotron

(rus, 395 Kb)
Osina Yu. K., Ananyeva O. V., Galchuck A. V., Gorbunov I. V., Grigorenko S. V., Mudrolyubov V. G., Smirnov K. E., Stogov Yu. I.
Modeling of Magnetic Field and Dynamics of H-, H+ Ions for the Cyclotron C-250

(rus, 433 Kb)
Paramonov V. V., Durkin A. P., Kolomiets A. A., Kurilik A. S., Ovchinnikova L. Yu.
The Main Part of a Linear Accelerator for Proton Therapy

(rus, 211 Kb)
Philippov A. V.
The Dipole Magnets Arrangement in the Collider of the NICA Complex

(rus, 619 Kb)
Butenko A. V., Mikhaylov V. A., Tuzikov A. V., Philippov A. V., Khodzhibagiyan H. G.
Regarding the «New Nuclotron» Magnetic-Optical Structure Choice

(rus, 369 Kb)
Rastigeev S. A., Aktershev Yu. S., Bedarev E. V., Belikov O. V., Berkaev D. E., Burenkov D. B., Denisov V. S., Fomin L. B., Gorchakov K. M., Karpov G. V., Kasaev A. S., Kirpotin A. N., Koop I. A., Krasnov A. A., Kupurzhanov A. V., Kurkin G. Ya., Lysenko A. P., Motygin S. V., Otboev A. V., Pavlenko A. V., Perevedentsev E. A., Prosvetov V. P., Rogovsky Yu. A., Semenov A. M., Senchenko A. I., Serdakov L. E., Shatunov Yu. M., Shwartz D. B., Timoshenko M. V., Yudin V. D., Zemlyansky I. M., Zharinov Yu. M.
Recent Progress on the VEPP-2000 Collider

(rus, 368 Kb)
Reva V. B., Batrakov À. Ì., Bryzgunov M. I., Bubley A. V., Vakhrushev R. V., Gorchakov K. M., Gosteev V. K., Denisov A. P., Kondaurov M. N., Konstantinov V. M., Korchagin V. Ya., Kremnev N. S., Panasyuk V. M., Parkhomchuk V. V., Pospolita S. P., Putmakov A. A., Shtro K. S.
Testing of Magnetic Elements of the Electron Cooling System for the NICA Collider

(rus, 534 Kb)
Samofalova Ya. A., Ismagilov M. F.
Evaluation of the Possibilities of Determining Au, U, Nd, Gd, W Elements on Electron Linear Accelerator LUE-8

Abstracts (eng, 28 Kb)
Shandov M. M., Gorbachev E. V., Korobitsina M. Yu., Kostromin S. A., Lebedev V. A., Nikolaichuk I. Yu., Sedykh G. S., Smirnov V. L., Tuzikov A. V., Tsyplakov E. D.
Investigation of the Magnetic Structure Characteristics of the NICA Booster in the Commissioning Runs with the Beam in 2020–2022

(rus, 876 Kb)
Shevchenko O. A., Vinokurov N. A., Getmanov Ya. V.
Design and Results of Magnetic Field Calculations for Variable-Period Helical Undulator

(rus, 227 Kb)
Shevchenko O. A., Vinokurov N. A., Getmanov Ya. V., Gorbachev Ya. I., Kubarev V. V., Medvedev L. E., Scheglov M. A., Serednyakov S. S., Tcheskidov V. G., Tararyshkin S. V., Batrakov A. M., Ilyin I. V., Shtro K. S.
Commissioning of the First FEL with Variable-Period Undulator

(rus, 198 Kb)
Gorbachev Ya. I., Shevchenko O. A., Vinokurov N. A., Getmanov Ya. V.
Magnetization Measurement and Sorting of Permanent Magnets for the Novosibirsk Free Electron Laser Variable-Period Undulator

(rus, 207 Kb)
Shkaruba V. A., Bragin A. V., Volkov A. A., Erokhin A. I., Zorin A. V., Kazantsev F. P., Kanonik P. V., Mezentsev N. A., Safronov A. N., Sedov A. A., Tarasenko O. A., Khrushchev S. V., Tsukanov V. M.
Superconducting Wigglers and Undulators for Synchrotron Radiation Generation at the «SKIF» Storage Ring

(rus, 260 Kb)
Golubev I. I., Kozlov A. P., Lepkin M. P., Repkin I. N., Sidorov A. I., Shvetsov V. S.
High-Voltage Collet Insertion of Magnetic Kicker for Ion Beam Extraction from the Nuclotron of the NICA Accelerator Complex

(rus, 127 Kb)
Kozlov A. P., Lepkin M. P., Repkin I. N., Sidorov A. I., Tuzikov A. V., Shvetsov V. S.
Impact Magnetic Kicker for Extraction of the Ion Beam from the Nuclotron of the NICA Accelerator Complex

(rus, 206 Kb)
Smirnov K. E., Akimova A. A., Ananyeva O. V., Gavrish Yu. N., Galchuck A. V., Kirtsev D. V., Mudrolyubov V. G., Osina Yu. K., Stogov Yu. I.
Design Features of the Cyclotron C-250

(rus, 451 Kb)
Bikchurina M. I., Bykov T. A., Verkhovod G. D., Ibrahim I. I., Kasatov D. A., Kasatova A. I., Kolesnikov Ia. A., Konovalova V. D., Koshkarev A. M., Kuznetsov A. S., Ostreinov G. M., Porosev V. V., Savinov S. S., Sokolova E. A., Sorokin I. N., Sycheva T. V., Shchudlo I. M., Taskaev S. Yu.
Vacuum Insulated Tandem Accelerator for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy and Other Applications

(rus, 179 Kb)
Alfeev A. V., Guryleva I. L., Emelianenko V. N., Mikhaylov V. A., Tsvetkova Yu. A.
The Lattice Magnets Geodetic Control for the JINR LHEP Acñelerator Complex

(rus, 223 Kb)
Usanova M. V., Akimova A. A., Gavrish Yu. N, Galchuk A. V., Grigorenko S. V., Grigoriev V. I., Klopenkov R. M., Kravchuk K. A., Kuzhlev A. N., Mudrolyubov V. G., Osina Yu. K., Smirnov K. E., Tsygankov S. S., Shmidbersky P. A.
Status of Project Realization of the Cyclotron System of Multicharged Ions

(rus, 1.243 Kb)
Vinokurov N. A., Shevchenko O. A., Getmanov Ya. V.
Spontaneous Emission from Distributed Optical Klystron

Abstracts (eng, 29 Kb)
Vladimirov M. V., Polozov S. M., Rashchikov V. I.
An Approach for Describing the Filling of the Photocathode Semiconductor Layer with Metal Electrons

(rus, 307 Kb)
Zhabitsky V. M.
Methods for Monitoring the Root-Mean-Square Bunch Length during Injection into the Booster Superconducting Synchrotron of the NICA Complex

(rus, 288 Kb)
Zhabitsky V. M.
Some Touches to the Portrait of the Scientist

(rus, 167 Kb)
Zolotov S. A., Bliznyuk U. A., Studenikin F. R., Borshchegovskaya P. Yu., Krusanov G. A.
A Combination of Aluminum Plates of Different Thickness to Increase the Homogeneity of Radiation Treatment by Accelerated Electrons

(rus, 228 Kb)



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